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Dorothy Williams’s reviews

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  • Money hungry unprofessional

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Dorothy failed to keep me inform about my case she would discuss my case with my mother without my permission. She would talk to my mother rather than me about my case and I'm the one who retained her. I felt that she was/is very unprofessional her staff appearance was not professional. Everytime I would call to ask a question she would put limits on the questions I could ask her that was pertaining to my case unless I paid her more money! I was a first offender ,never gotten to any trouble before . I told her that I was innocent and she said everybody says that and she forced me to plea Guilty even though I was innocent! Even though I explained to her that the prescription I had was legit showed her my discharge papers from the hospital. Proving that I was prescribed the medication the dr just forgot to sign it upon me being discharged from the emergency room. So I was force to do a guilty plea ! I regret it ... She ruined my life! Now I'm with another attorney who's very professional trying to get my case esponged

  • Pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jairo

    Dorothy represented my brother 4 years ago in a complex burglary case. She fought very hard for him and what seemed to be a prison sentence turned out to be a 5 year probation sentence. She has been very good to my family and she will be representing me soon. I will definitely continue to recommend her to other clients.

  • Do not hire Dorothy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mia

    Initially, Dorothy started out as a decent attorney. (Even though I was leery upon meeting her) However, after continuous dealing with her it became evident that she was not only unorganized but very judgmental. After retaining her for a case in Atlanta, GA and her taking a discount because of advanced payment made on another case she withdrew because she decided she didn't want to travel to Atlanta anymore and when I called her to reschedule court appearances, (1) when my grandmother was put into Hospice and (2) when my daughter was in ICU. She then wanted more money and stated that she was tired of my shenanigans of trying to get out of court when I had only missed one (daughter in ICU) but had attended every single appearance in ATL. She accused me of lying about my daughters illness and then went to court and lied to the Judge and I was ordered to appear in court the next day. This is after Dorothy told me that the Judge said she didn't like being lied too. (Which led me to believe that she placed doubt in the Judge and court mind) When I showed up in court the next day, the Judge wanted to know why I was there, the ADA (Assistant District Attorney) reminded the Judge of the "show" my retained attorney showed the previous day. The Judge apologized for my having to come to Atlanta (100 miles) away and stated that she had to do this because NO ONE can make a mockery of the court. During the recess, I spoke with the Case Manager who gave me her cell phone number and office number and said, "if you need any information on your case or can't make it, please call me." The Case Manager then went to the ADA and asked him if he needed a copy of my paperwork from the hospital and he looked and me and said "no." The Case Manager said, you need to get new counsel. I told her I agreed 100% and they dismissed me, and I don't have to go back for 6 to 8 weeks. Yes, I am having to deal with this issue as a result of my own fault, however, when you pay someone to represent you, you want it to be in your best interest. Dorothy Williams does not have your best interest in mind. She missed one of my court appearances in ATL even when she had advanced notice, but her absence was okay even though she was getting paid to be there. What parent would want to leave their child bedside. And ICU is intensive care unit. Do you know Dorthy said that I can only be excused if it is CRITICAL? This is not true. I was already concerned about my daughter's health and had to be berated and belittled because she didn't want to have to reschedule to go back to the ATL and she told me that if she had to go back to ATL later that week or the next week, she would withdraw. Save yourself a headache and drama and do not hire her under any circumstances. Thank you Jesus that she has withdrawn from my case!!!! (God is so amazing) I couldn't fire her because my mother hired her because of a recommendation from Attorney William "Bill" Wright (who is an awesome man) And when my mother holds you in high esteem, it is difficult to get her to see otherwise. I am now finally confident that my case will be resolved quickly and with tremendous outcome!