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Robert D. Howell

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  • As Good As They Get In The Moultrie Area!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Rob has been brilliant thus far in handling my estate case. I've been his client for a couple of months and he has been the most professional and seems more ethical than any other attorney I've dealt with in the past. He hasn't pushed me into doing anything that I wouldn't want to do, as a matter of fact, he counseled me on what can happen if we took various routes of legal actions, then left the decision totally to me. Once given said decision, he just nodded approval and went straight to work. The situation I find myself in is fairly nasty, and so far Rob has been the bright spot in the darkness. I chose him as my attorney after doing research on lawyers in my area and finding he received several awards, the AV award for ethical behavior was the one that stuck with me and then upon initial consultation, he didn't blow any proverbial smoke up my rear. He explained what he thought were the possibilities of my case and took it up with a handshake. There is something to be said for a handshake in a time when everyone is always throwing up contracts that are hard to understand etc. I find him trustworthy and respectable on that note alone. It tells me that he trusts me as I do him, without a lot of fancy words that I may or may not be able to understand and without either of us signing our lives away and wasting a tree worth of paper on agreeing to take this journey together. I entered this case pro se and continued that path for four years in hopes that myself and the other heir could come to some amicable terms without spending small fortunes in attorney fees, but once I realized the time had come for an attorney, found myself sifting through several lawyers, a few which I have had previous experience(s) with and something kept bringing me back to Mr. Howell's website. After researching prior cases he has handled, none of which appeared to be estate cases such as mine, I discovered a record of satisfied clients, some of which were higher profile cases against corporate entities that almost always have huge teams of lawyers. This left me with the question of 'does he handle estate issues?' The answer is yes. Yes he does.

    If you are looking for a shady back door attorney, pass up on Mr. Howell's office. If you are looking for an honest, ethical, and professional attorney, by all means call Rob Howell.