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Thomas C. Blaska

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    Told me things he was going to do regarding my situtation. He did not attempt to do the things he told me he was going to do. Did not return my phone calls - turned over everything to another attorney in his office - kept telling me what he was going to do and how it was going to cost me money. This case was contingent on him winning the case. He told me it would never go to court It would be handled out of court. He held onto to it for about a year and a half. Finally I got a letter stating because of my husband's conditions it would be very hard for him to prove to a jury that there was neglect on the hospitals part. Yet when I first went to him I told him all of the issues with my husband and he said it was neglect and he did not care what he had. Took my money - told me he would review my husband's records and review them with me. He never did. He was going to take me to lunch to discuss things - he never did.

    He would not resign - I finally kept requesting a letter from him asking him to withdraw from the situation. His staff was very rude and very unprofessional. Finally after a year and a half he submitted a withdrawal letter. If I had resigned and moved on to another attorney I would have been charged $200.00 an hour for the time he spent on reviewing my records.

    His office personal kept telling me he would not give up on trying to get a witness to testify to the neglect. He said he was going to hire a infections disease doctor, cardiologist and so forth. To my knowledge he did not do this. I would call his office and they would tell me that they had left messages for him to call me - he would not return my calls. One day they said he is here - I called him three different times that day - he would not speak to me. They had me call once a week toward the end he would not speak to me and neither would the other attorney involved. They would not schedule an appointment for me to meet with him - stating this was a very busy time for him. Yet he took my money - and did things he told me he was not going to do.