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John Lind Collar Jr.

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  • John Collar poor quality

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Mr Collar represented my spouse. He took over the case after she fired or her first lawyer resigned. A court order indicating our finances were a disaster and the matter needed to be settled as soon as possible was in his hands.

    Mr Collar and his Firm with cavalier malice exposed my full social security number, name and address to the world and made it a permanent part of the court record accessible by anyone.

    Mr Collar attempted to pass off 8 month old financial statements which he knew were materially wrong to a Judge in a judicially hosted settlement conference. Mr Collar repeatedly referred to my spouse as being terminated and unemployed and me as being unemployed. Both of us were employed and working, albeit we were not making much money. While stating that we (spouse and I) were unemployed he had no problem introducing a child support request/calculation form stating that I made $30,000 per month.

    Mr Collar made numerous commitments to both parties to turn around documents to provide comments on offers, rebuttal offers et al. He did not meet any of them. Most of the time he just never produced anything.

    Mr Collar did produce a relatively simple offer(more like a list of wants) that was riddled with typos and gave my wife our suburban and me the suburban. Understand this service cost $400 or more per hour.

    Mr Collar consistently seemed incapable of the simplest financial understanding. He would be presented a balance sheet. At this point in accordance with Georgia law we were trying to settle on what share of net assets each party would receive. Net assets is the sum of assets less liabilities. Mr Collar presented this sage request..Well I know what the answer is when we divide up net assets 50/50...What is the answer if we divide each line item 50/50? It is the same number. This is a person trying to run up his fees or someone who has no idea.

    One of the assets was an annuity. His question was does this annuity pay out? Not how? Not what are the payment terms? Not Yield? He asked does it pay out. The definition of an annuity is that it pays out.

    Mr Collar and his team seemed completely incapable of using simple excel worksheets. He and his team demonstrated no idea or understanding of the financial impact/allocation of assets and liabilities/cash flow/present value/income taxes of any offer (narrative/wish list) he put forth. Mr Collar and his team seemed genuinely shocked when I would actually document their offer or requests and play it back to them in an understandable form.

    Mr Collar seemed incapable of framing his client concerns in a way that could in any way be reflected in a settlement. None were ever done. I had to do it.

    I finally built a comprehensive spreadsheet that laid out assets liabilities and net worth under various assumptions. I documented and laid out the impact of various alternative offers.. I documented and prepared a 30 year cash flow scenario. The cash flow scenario laid out cash flow year by year to my spouse in a middle case of a settlement. No response. I did this because he had committed to do it in response to a meeting we had to get a settlement done.

    We finally go to a late case evaluation/mediation. It gets done. Major terms are aligned and signed.

  • Helped finish a contentious divorce

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    John picked up the pieces, after I was poorly represented by another attorney for two years, and I was divorced 10 months later. John and his partner Richard Nolan are honest and direct.
    The painful experience of divorce was shortened by their advice and guidance. After being used (gravy train) by my first attorney, John was a refreshing change.
    I recommend John and Richard, which says a lot, if you have dealt with many attorneys.

  • Great demeanor yields positive results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Highly knowledgable, calm, steady approach to a challenging situation led to great results