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Joshua Mason’s reviews

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  • excellence

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Albert.Chambers

    Words will fall short of describing just how fabulous this law firm is. It is a fusion of decades of experience from the father Daniel Mason to the youthful energy and brilliance of his son Joshua Mason who's litigation and debating skills are among the most talented in the nation. Their paralegal team is small yet very thorough, will treat you like a family member and most importantly will not nickel and dime you to death.

    Five stars is not enough to describe this law practice, don't waste your time with the others in my personal experience this law firm went up against one of the biggest Law firms in Atlanta, it was literally a David against Goliath story and we all know how that turned out, in my case it went even better.

    I highly recommend the Mason Law Firm in Canton,


    Albert E. Chambers, Jr.

  • A competent, skilled, compassionate Family Law litigator.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I came by Mr. Mason's practice via a referral from the Blue Ridge Lawyer Referral hotline. At first meeting, I found Mr. Mason to be extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in the human side of my family law issue. I was an emotional trainwreck, having been served two days after Christmas. Mr. Mason handled a difficult case against a high-conflict spouse, and managed to guide our case through mediation, sparing everyone the expense, time and costs of a trial. He was explicit about what to expect in the process, stressing to me at each encounter that no one can predict what a Judge will do, however he was equally candid in his assessment of our potential to prevail in the case, which was also accurate. He and his staff kept me informed at all points throughout the process, returned contact within a reasonable interval based on the urgency of my requests, and perhaps most importantly, he was wise enough to guide me into a far more conservative and favorable position than where my emotional reactions would have taken me. He helped me learn to treat my partner of ten years as my legal adversary (which she in fact was, in this process), and to allow the process to work so that we could reach a mutually favorable and respectful outcome, getting past the divorce as quickly as possible, and start rebuilding a working relationship so that we could best co-parent our children.

    He was equally candid about costs, and his approximations at the outset of the case regarding potential costs for a mediated settlement versus a trial, were highly accurate.

    Thanks to Mr. Mason's comprehensive drafting, there were several areas of our Settlement that have served very well to protect me from further attempts by my former spouse to use legal process to "punish" me for ending our relationship over her behavior. Mr. Mason's documents are cohesive and comprehensive, and he seems to have anticipated and covered every potential contingency.

    I cannot stress the importance of this next statement enough: Absolutely everything that Mr. Mason told me my former spouse would do or try to do, from the beginning to the end of this process, was exactly what she did in fact. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by his knowledge of human nature and behavior in the divorce process. All of his legal maneuvers protected me and put me in the best position for a favorable outcome.

    You will be going through one of the most difficult processes in your life - especially if you have children, as I do. You need a strong, reliable, conscientious advocate in your corner who is not afraid to actively and aggressively defend your interests. If you're lucky, you'll only go through this process once - do yourself a favor and meet with Mr. Mason. I believe you will be as impressed with his skills and abilities as I was. His advice is priceless, and highly accurate.

    I would not hesitate to engage Mr. Mason's services again if the need arises.

  • The best decision I ever made

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sonja R.

    I normally don't post online reviews at all, but after reading the other review of this attorney on this site, I felt I had to respond. Mr. Mason is the third attorney I've hired since my ex-husband decided he wanted a divorce. The first didn't even tell me I had to attend a parenting class, and the second was too quick to settle on things that really mattered to me and didn't do the necessary discovery to determine that my ex hid several thousand dollars from me. I wish every day I had hired Mr. Mason first because I know things would have gone much differently, and I would have saved so much time, energy, frustration, and money.

    His advice is always clear, and he tells it straight. He gives me the best and worst possible outcomes; he highlights what will help and hurt my case; and he doesn't waste time with any BS, for lack of a better term. He always cuts straight to the chase and lets me know exactly where I stand and what's going on with my case. And he lets me know quickly, as well. The other reviewer said Mr. Mason wasn't responsive, but I haven't found that to be true at all. I always get emails and phone calls returned within 24 hours, whereas I would go several days without hearing from my second attorney.

    His rates are more than reasonable, and I have always found him and everyone at his firm to be professional, competent, and reliable. I first retained his services in January 2012, and I have never once regretted it or thought of finding new representation. He does everything he can to get me the best possible outcome. I have recommended him to others without hesitation because I sincerely believe he is the best at what he does. If you want someone who will truly be an advocate for you, fight for the best interests of you and your child, and do everything that can be done to successfully handle your case, then Josh Mason is the attorney you need.

  • Horrible Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    He made a lot promises, but did not deliver. His defense hurt me more than helped. He overcharged me and when I asked for explanation of the charges he withdrew from the case, as soon as my retainer money was over.
    I definitely don't recommend this attorney.

    Joshua Daniel Mason’s response: “I take the review made very seriously. I strongly disagree with the representations made by this individual. Due to attorney client privilege, I cannot fully respond. Domestic Relations litigation is terribly emotional and difficult. As the reviewer stated, I was hired as the second attorney in the case. The case is still ongoing. I strive to assist each client with the most amount of compassion and empathy possible. I advise my clients of the legal process and possible pitfalls of litigation and their case. I provide an honest, unfiltered assessment of each client's case for better or worse. And, I do not make promises about outcomes of cases or predict a judge's ruling. Domestic Relations litigation is a human experience subject to a lot of variables. I try to evaluate each case based on experience and foreseeable common sense. I never want to withdraw from a case unless it is clear that I can no longer effectively represent my client. or perform my services consist with the ethical practices required. If there is a fee dispute, It is my firm's policy to always ask a clients to i articulate in writing what questions or concerns they have about a particular invoice. As much as we try, not all child custody/divorce attorneys can have happy clients every day. As a profession, we represent individuals who are going through emotional trauma, uncertainty and frustration. But, we would not choose this practice area unless we truly believe we can help people. We take our clients where they are and work diligently to help them get through their situation. I wish all my clients the best of luck and success in their endeavors regardless of my continued involvement in their case.”