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Socheat Chea’s reviews

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  • Too busy.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Unfortunatly for me, I didnt get what I needed done. My case was given to his assistant and I never got any results done. Assistant set in immigration office just took notes. I spend money FOR NOTHING. He came very highly recommend but all those recommendations were not proven to be true. I lost the case. Now have to go through same process to reapply.

    Hired attorney
  • Creo que Este abogado Es bueno !!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by eenestoh444

    El 24 febrero platique con este abogado y me dio una Esperanza para mi caso , 10 anos de castigo ke no pude cumplir y reingrese a usa , espero que en realidad el abogadoer pueda ayudarme , gracias Mr Socheat Chea

  • Socheat Chea's Law Office Helped

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    I don't know if there is room in this review to express just how grateful my husband and I are to Mr. Chea and his office team. I contacted Mr. Chea because he had come highly recommended from another lawyer that had helped a co-worker receive a green card. The other lawyer was not able to take our case at the time. I knew she was good so I asked her who she could recommend. The first name out of her mouth was Mr. Chea. From the first moment I spoke with Mr. Chea, I was not disappointed. I knew I was in good hands. He was confident, not cocky. He was assuring.
    I am a U.S. citizen and had married and undocumented person from Mexico about four years earlier. We began the process in July and the papers were sent off by Mr. Chea's office in late July. It takes a couple of weeks to gather the information to send. Mr. Chea's team filled us in on exactly what to expect at each step in the process. They filled out the forms and they knew exactly what they were doing as they are great at what they do.They were exactly right regarding what to expect, the time frame we should expect, and what we would need to do. We received notice that USCIS had received our papers in early August and a biometrics appointment date was set by USCIS for late August. The work authorization arrived in early October and my husband was then able to get a conditional social security card number which, after the marriage interview, became his permanent Social Security number without conditions. The marriage interview was set by USCIS for the end of January, exactly six months after sending our papers off. Exactly what we were expecting!
    Every member of that law office was amazing. They were a pleasure to meet with, they were so nice, efficient and professional. We came in the door with some issues that we feared could cause problems for our case. Chea's office listened, advised and calmed us. We experienced absolutely no glitches or problems throughout the entire experience.
    Mr. Chea even provided us with a consultant to prep for the interview. This man was a retired former field office manager for the USCIS. He was so very helpful in giving us an idea of what to expect at interview and was great at soothing our concerns. He didn't care that I would call or email with any little concern that would pop into my head. All of the attorneys, the office staff, and Mr. Chea made this experience one that we look back on fondly. Most importantly, they got the job done and helped us get our green card, which was and is a dream come true. We will definitely use them when my husband begins the citizenship process in a couple of years. I recommend them any time I hear of anyone that might need an immigration lawyer. Anything I say here would not do justice to just how thankful I am for the job they did and how they treated us.
    We had a bad immigration attorney once. They never called us and when we called them, we felt like we were bothering them. We waited for almost a year only to find out that our papers had not even been submitted. One day we left work and scrambled to make a scheduled appointment only to find the attorney had cancelled all appointments that day. Nobody in the office bothered to call us, but they were having a baby shower in the office when we walked in. We went into our experience with Mr. Chea very guarded and worried that we would have another bad experience, but at least I knew going in that he had come highly recommended by someone I knew. It is easy to see why he was recommended so highly. Everything they told us about the experience and all of the advice they gave us was spot on. They are excellent at what they do and they cared about us as people as well as clients.

  • Excellent Service, Very knowledgeable leader and Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yogesh

    Best Immigration attorney I have hired. Socheat and Eli has provided valuable services and I have never imagined this much positive outcome of the case so far. Like other review mentioned, he is very good person before an attorney. Eli and other staff member are same way. Well reputed law firm and attorneys in Immigration service with reasonable fees. We have hired Mr. Scocheat for more than one case. First case has positive result in very timely manner. Current case is in progress due to complexity but in better position, I have full faith in this law firm. I would highly recommend Socheat Chea and his law firm.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bridgetta

    Socheat Chea and his team are more than exceptional. My husbands case started in August 2009 and didn't finish until May 2012 and this group of lawyers made the journey less stressful by basically taking care of everything except personal paperwork that we were responsible for gathering. Socheat was the lawyer that we spoke to initially, but Eli and Tracey are the two that carried us through to the end. I read one review that stated how attentive Socheat is until he's paid and I see why how that person came to that conclusion, but I disagree. I think he evaluates and excepts the cases and after he and his team set a plan to attack and win, the responsibilities are passed to the next appropriate lawyer! This is a very knowledgable group of lawyers who I believe cares for their clients and the outcome of their cases. If I EVER need any legal help with immigration. This is the ONLY law office I'll call! Also a special thanks to Eli for carrying us through all of our stressful court hearings including trail! I couldn't think of any other way to so my appreciation so I figured a testimony would do! Thanks again man and may your 2013 be full of accomplishments!

  • BRILLIANT! Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ladi

    socheat chea is a brilliant and very knowledgeable attorney.He made us feel at ease and comes highly recommended.i have reffered other cases to him as well.

  • One GREAT man – an EXCEPTIONAL lawyer!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by GABRIEL

    He helped me out where others failed, he talked with me and my family as others didn’t. He was more human that many others fellow judiciary members, even judges. I will never be able to thank him enough!

  • Superb Immigration Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Socheat is an exceptional immigration attorney. From they way he handles cases to their outcome, he is one of the top immigration attorneys in Georgia. I am a fellow immigration attorney and this is one of the attorneys I refer to when I cannot take a case...