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Sherrod Waites’s reviews

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  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vivian

    Mr. Waites did a fantastic job representing our son. He was well prepared in court and was able to have all charges dropped. The thing that most impressed me was the way he spoke to our son about his actions and sounded more like a mentor than an attorney. Is fees were very reasonable and I highly recommend Mr. Waites.

  • What did I just pay for??? Way too overpriced and unprofessional

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Waites was very nice and responsive but charged me a ridiculous amount of money for very little work. I had a simple speeding ticket that I wanted lowered. I met with him to address my concerns and after an hour of small talk, he billed me $220 for the conversation that did not relate to my case. He then showed up to the court house in an awful/tacky and unprofessional suit. He presented my case to the court and ultimately the ticket was lowered. I received a bill for another $550, then I received another speeding ticket. I addressed this one myself and had the same outcome as the first... a lowered speed penalty but this time it was free.

    Sherrod Judson Waites II’s response: “Dear former client, I just read your negative review of me on I must say, I am disappointed. I did nothing more than tell you up front that I charge by the hour, and I only charged you for time spent on talking about your two speeding tickets. I successfully got a reduction of the first ticket for you, and you were able to do so yourself on your second ticket after I had already explained to you the process on how to do so. The total amount charged of $720 was not "ridiculous." I spent 3.2 hours on your case at the very reasonable rate of $225 per hour. My time included a meeting with you in my office, driving to the courthouse, attending your arraignment with you, waiting for your case to be called, negotiating a favorable plea for you, and assisting you in the submission of your plea to the court. If you had paid me on time, and did not require me to spend additional (uncollectible) time collecting the past due amount, then perhaps I could afford a suit that would pass even your muster. Luckily for you, our disagreement on my taste in clothes did not affect my ability to accomplish for you exactly what you hired me to do. You are welcome. Making personal insults are not a mature way of handling disagreements over fees. Your post makes it clear that you, not me, are the one who is not a professional. Best of luck to you in the future. Signed, Sherrod Judson Waites, II, attorney at law.”