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Daniel Fast’s reviews

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  • Went the Extra Mile

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My case was extremely high profile and Mr. Fast was sensitive to that. He arranged for my arraignment several days ahead of schedule to prevent a media frenzy. Additionally, he worked with the Commonwealth's Attorney to nolle prosequi the majority of charges and he is excellent in court. He successfully discredited the Commonwealth's only witness at my sentencing hearing. He is also well respected in the legal community. Knowledgeable, confident, and extremely intelligent.

    Hired attorney
  • He deserves 10 Stars!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Where should I begin? I will start with if Dan would practice in Alabama I'd pay for the Bar exam or Licensing fees!!!!!!! He and Trish were with out a doubt very helpful, honest and definitely advocated for us! He is not bashful when it comes to arguing your case! I would highly suggest not thinking twice about retaining him! We were blessed with finding him in the middle of a Custody/Visitation and Support case that has been in Court's in both Northern and South Western Va since early 2007 Dan did not skip a beat. I can't even think of one negative thing to say...

    Thank you for everything Dan!!!

  • Fast Dan!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Logan

    Mr Fast is an interesting character. He's extremely bright and knows his stuff. He's got a bit of a cocky attitude in court, but it's probably because he will scrutinize every detail of the case, by word, and if something slips, you can bet he'll catch. He made me anxious because he makes you think he's gonna be late to court, and just as you're about to leave to walk to his office, he'll show up more prepared than commonwealth. And he does it with such ease, you can tell he loves what he does. He is my lawyer from on, I highly recommend him to anyone with any case.

  • To let anyone that has ever doubted Mr. Fast, they should stand back and think about it. Get to know him before you judge him.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by TJMH

    Mr. Fast has always been a huge part of my family, personal and professional. I understand everyone is entitle to their opinions, but at times they should keep their thoughts to themselves. I was taught by two great mean, one being my father and the other was another great man and lawyer, Mr. M.., that opinions are like bottom holes, that everyone has one. God doesn't like ugly, so no one should say anything about this man, unless you have good reason. Even when he is out with his family, he always speaks and ask how everyone is doing? There are some lawyers you can see them and they do not go out of their way to speak or even ask how you are doing.
    I have all the utmost respect for this man. I can say that my mother thought of him as one of her own. Anytime she needed anything, he would drop what he was doing to help her out. Even if it was out of his control, he still did what he could for her. Now, that she isn't here I am going to do as she did and depend on him. I consider him, OUR FAMILY LAWYER, and anyone that doesn't like him or don't like my choice, you can get over it. Everyone in my family has use him for any legal matters, and we will continue to use him.

  • A trust worthy attorney that is more for your legal concerns than your wallet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by leeray williams

    Mr. Fast has represented me in my past and present case's. I've been very satisfied with Mr. Fast court defense in my behalf and, I've never had to wait in the court room wondering if he would be there to discuss any changes or concerns. He has always been at all preceedings early and for just this reason.

    I'm not underminding other attorney's or there ability to represent someone only my personal experience and preference for as being a former police officer and I've worked with a multitude of attorneys, and several I consider friends and are great people.

  • Exceptional Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandon

    Upon reading the first review i have decided i must come to my lawyers defense as he has come to mine so many times before. Daniel Fast is exactly the opposite of everything the first reviewer claimed. He has the utmost respect for his clients and the law. i have hired Mr. Fast on more than one occasion and his proffessionalism, dedication, and knowledge of the law has come through everytime. i would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or counsel of any kind. And although Mr. Fast is an excellent lawyer he could not accomplish such a high standing, in my opinion, if it were not for his more than excellent legal staff, and more specifically Trish, who is definately the driving force behind such an accomplished law office. So in turn i will continue to hire Mr. Fast for any and all legal services because i believe you must have councel you trust and believe is doing any/everything possible on your behalf.

  • Do Not Hire

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Dan Fast was extremely unprofessional and has incompetent administrative staff. You will not have any correspondence in reference to court dates, appointments, or information about your case in general. Mr. Fast was a complete waste of a $1,500 retainer. Please take my advice and save your time, money and effort on hiring someone that is capable of representing you as a client.