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Krysia Carmel Nelson

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  • Equine Law Expert

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My daughter was willed a horse. Ownership transfer, involving the USEF, USDF, and Oldenburg Registry, was complicated and neither the estate lawyer nor the lawyer we originally retained knew what to do. After more six months of no progress, I sought out Krysia. In a little over a month, all was resolved and my daughter had clear ownership. Krysia is very personable, consistently prompt and clear in her communications, acts quickly and decisively, and exudes confidence. We cannot say enough about how her able and attentive support eased what had been a trying and stressful time for my daughter. Very highly recommended.

    One more point. What had also sought out Krysia on another occasion several years ago. Her support then was as it was now - superb!

    Hired attorney
  • Krysia knows her stuff and is incredibly helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    Krysia's first-hand experience in the horse industry is invaluable, because she really understands the expectations people in the business will have in almost any given situation. As a result, no matter what the problem, Krysia can hone in on what the real bone of contention will be and focus on getting disputes resolved without wasting her client's time and/or money. Other attorneys like to do more work so they can earn more fees and justify their existence. But Krysia understands that the last thing anyone wants to spend money on is a lawyer, so she does what needs to be done without racking up the hours and her fees. She is very easy to reach, almost anytime and anywhere, and is the first person I call when I have a problem I am not sure how to handle.