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Leon W Berg

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  • custody/divorce

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    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Prior to my case Mr. Berg managed to arrange the change of custody from a mother to a father of two daughters. In my case the custody of a son was changed from a mother to a father. In order to accomplish this Mr. Berg needed to have an understanding of every nuance of custody law and the ability to present a case in the same way that a salesman sells a product. Mr. Berg is a consummate player at both levels. At my request my former wife was not to be trashed in front of our son; we made the concession that she was an adequate and competent parent but that circumstances dictated that a change of custody would be in the best interest of the child. The circumstances that we argued against included that the mother was intending to leave the country permanently, that the living circumstances in her new home would provide no male authority figures, that the school calender would provide only about three weeks per year that the child could visit with his father, and that the mother would begin the move being unemployed. The alternative that was argued for was a father that had remarried and a family that the child already spent nearly half his time with each week and a step mother who was a clear asset to a good and secure home, with an American school calender which would provide about 11 weeks of visitation each year.