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Michael Dj Eisenberg

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  • Please don't hire him..

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steve

    I hired Mr. Eisenberg to get my Military records corrected, as I have all the Government paperwork for Medals, but they never made it in to my official personal file. I paid me Eisenberg $4000,00 for his fee, but as time went on, the more I asked what was happening with my case, the more distant he became. I asked several times for his accounting work sheet of how much was being spent, but he never sent one. I asked several times if he could send me what he has so far, and his staff said they were ready to send the paperwork to me for review.. but never did. After about 10 months of void on his end, I asked again, and he said "they were worried about my attitude".
    I asked one more time, and he said I was harassing him, and I have "selective hearing". I terminated him, and asked for a full accounting of money spent, plus my file as I paid for it. He only sent me a format for standard billings but still no actual accounting. When I said I was going to take him to Arbitration Board, he said not only was the money spent, but If I file, he wants an additional $953.40 for additional work, would sue, me and call the authorities. I finally got a tally of his expenditures, and all that money was spent on telephone calls and emails.
    Plus when I got his accounting statement, hes fee went up an additional $200/hr from the original contract fee, and his staff fee, and his staff fee went up additional $100/hr. I have still not received any of the work he did, if he did any.

    Hired attorney
  • Do Not Recommend

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Eisenberg contacted me telling me he could win my case. I did not call him and have found that this is his MO. I hired him on a true retainer of $4,000. He missed critical deadlines and meetings, misrepresented and lost my case and was overall a very poor lawyer. He wants the money but does not want to do the work. He sued me for and unpaid balance iand instead of the $4800 he said I owed he was asking for the amount of money he would have been paid had he WON my case instead of lost it. I won the case against me based on his engaging in legal malpractice and his failure to fulfill his fiduciary duties.

  • A trustworthy attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Michael D.J. Eisenberg, Attorney and Counselor at Law, is professional, highly skilled and realistic. At the onset of this case, his firm, without hesitation, put me at ease and, as promised, kept me informed as the case progressed. Even though, I reside in LaJolla and his firm is in Washington, D.C., he sustained prompt, concise communication with me, and the Agency, using modern technology (i.e. computer, telephone, etc.). The deposition setting was nothing less than first-rate; he sourced out a stellar court-reporter with "real-time" court-reporting devices. Upon arrival in the City, he was extremely prepared to represent my case. Bottom-line, he is brilliant and trustworthy.

  • Michael DJ Eisenberg lies to clients to get a retainer fee for your case and then misses dead lines and timeframes.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kimberly

    He would tell me one thing... And do another!
    He stopped returning my calls(unless he was walking his dogs)!
    He missed numerous time frames set forth by the judge!
    He was not family-friendly, seems my children had no worth!
    He continuously lied to avoid meeting with me in person!
    He avoided me @ the court house and made myself and witnesses unaware of what was going on in the courtroom!!!!