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  • Updated review.

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I left the previous review about Ms. Rigdon... I had asked the Avvo site 5 or more times to remove that review. They refuse to remove it , so I am posting what I think is a more fair and accurate review.
    I simply do not feel right about the previous review, so I will break down the actual events here.
    I did not hire Ms. Rigdon, she was court appointed to my case.

    Now, I am sure Ms. Rigdon is a good attorney, I just feel as though she did not have enough time for my case.
    I was released from jail, and I did try to contact Abby, and I felt like she wasn't responding fast enough to my message. Abby did return the call eventually, after several message and a threat to show up at her office. Then maybe a week or a few days later, I can't recall. I called her because it was a day away from the court appearance and I had some kind of paperwork for her. I went down to her office and raised some hell and eventually she called me "I don't have to talk to you every day" . That is true , she is not obligated to talk to me every day. I was just hoping that she would be able to relieve a little bit of my stress and tell me what to expect in the court room , was all.
    There was a real threat of going to jail.
    At any rate, Abby did do exactly what I was wanting her to do, and she got my case continued for 3 more months, and she was talking about a mitigated sentence. I don't know whether or not she can pull that off, but i'm sure with her knowledge of the law she can....
    Now fast forward three months, we have a court date in one week and I call abby and leave her a message again. Wondering what to expect in the court room. Haven't heard from her yet. I have left quite a few messages, some of the messages (although never threatening or vulgar, or disrespectful) some of my messages are a little aggressive. This is a stressful time, and I need to know what she knows.

    In any event, I am here to tell you, that it is possible, that I could just be a bad client with extremely high expectations.
    If you were to hire Ms. Rigdon , I am sure that she would be able to get the job done. She was actually in the event of arguing for me to get a mitigated sentence, and it would have been a decent sentence in my case with my record, I was told that the DA does not usually give mitigated sentences.

    I just wanted to come back here and set the record straight for Ms. Rigdon, because she is a good attorney and didn't deserve that review from before. It was made in haste.
    Also, I am sure Ms. Rigdon has seen this, and I am sure she knows exactly who I am, and honestly I do not care. I had no obligation to come back here and fix this review. I chose to do this. I am relieving her of my counsel, I think I have just gone too far and damaging with my client relationship with Abby, and it is better to just move on.

  • Miss Rigdon does not return phone calls, she does not keep you informed of what is going on.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I will tell you this lady will not keep you informed of what is going on and she definitely does not return phone calls. Think I may have to see about putting some money together to hire another lawyer.

    I would have no problem with her, if she would return calls and tell you what is going on and what she is doing about your case, but you know nothing, and can't even get into her office to see her. If I were you I would most certainly not hire Miss Rigdon to represent you with your case.