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Suzanne Tighe

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  • Car accident Case Lake Ariel Pa. From 2008

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    I recently had a case with car accident with Suzanne Tighe from Swartz Campbell of Scranton. I felt going into this case that she was very detailed and I was in good trust worthy hands. I worked very hard on this case and spent countless hours getting documentation information and everything to make his case go flawlessly and correctly.
    After I did my testimony and gave all statements and supplied her and her firm with everything they needed for the case I never got a call back. I called numerous times, emailed, left messages with her assistant over and over with no response. To my major upset and disappointment it turns out the case was settled with out my knowledge or my legal council when she promised to keep me informed. I lost our on a large sum of money and she got everything she needed from me and left me high and dry. Still till today no call back no response. I am truly disappointed with her professionalism ethics and her honor and most of all her word. I trusted her and that will be the last time I do that again. This firm was the worst absolute mistake I ever made and I will forever regret my affiliation with this Attorney and her firm. Maybe at some point I will at least get a call back telling me the case is closed and settled when I'm still thinking your coming to take another deposition.
    Worst choice ever. Major lesson learned.