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Elizabeth Gebhardt’s reviews

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  • Excellent Reprsentation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joani

    Attorney Gebhardt handled my SSD case and won it. She was prepared at the hearing and kept me informed through the process. Always answered questions and DID return my phone calls. I highly recommend her as she is a winner and does all that is possible to win your case.

  • Elizabeth A. Gebhardt neglected to do her job in my case.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Debra

    I hired Elizabeth about 3 years ago. She came to my hearing unprepared. The judge yelled at her and really didn't say anything to help me. Now, my first SSD case is with the review council, it's been about 15 months since she have asked them to review my case. After the 1st. case I lost, Liz said we will just file again. I Didn't hear from her for a few months and when she finally returned my call, she said I was supposed to re-apply. So I went to re-apply and I made it there just in time. The SSA changed a rule about re-filing while a person is awaiting a decision. Once I applied again for the 2nd time, I was denied again. That was in Feb of 2012. I just was reviewing some of my paperwork and called the SSA administration to find out the exact date the appeal for my 2nd case was filed. They had no records of Elizabeth Gebhardt filing it. Once she retuned a call to my home on Oct. 12th 2012, she told my husband that I was supposed to file the appeal and she lied to him. He knew she was not telling the truth. She sent me paperwork to fill out for her fee, medical realases and etc. because she was going to file the appeal like she did in my 1st case. Once I spoke to her, she admitted to receiving all of the paper work I sent her, and she neglected to file my appeal that I thought was filed 8 months ago. Now if my 1st case decision is not changed or remanded for a 2nd hearing, there is nothing I can do. Now I am waiting to see if the SSA will accept a appeal for my 2nd case, in which Elizabeth will have to show good cause for not filing. If not, I cannot file again because my Social Security Insurance has ran out. I have to say I went with the law firm she is at because I know Mr. Alexander Pentecost has done very good work for his clients over the years. She never returns my pnone calls. I called her 20 times in a couple of weeks and she never returned any my calls. Even then I called Alexander Pentecost to find out why she avoids all contact with me. She just isn't doing her job. I have had to call him several times regarding her professionalism. I don't know if she is a partner in the law firm or not. If she isn't I can't understand how she is able to treat clients with so much disregard. I told her she needs to get moving and get the paperwork filed. Then I called Alexander Pentecost again because I believe it is his law firm, and I was so upset I had to speak to him immediately. He told me she was neglectful because she didn't file for my appeal at all and if the SSA didn't approve good cause then I lost. I spoke about fililg a suit and he told me she has insurance for that. He was not at all harsh or disrespectful and was very truthful about Elizabeth's neglect. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse with Elizabeth working on my case it did. I could never refer her to anyone. I have no faith or trust in her anymore. I believe since she tried to lie to my husband, that her actions have truly painted a clear picture of her character. I will begin seeking legal council to see waht kind of recourse I may have.

  • Unprepaired! Yelled at by Judge in front of court for not having paperwork handed in!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Gebhardt was supposed to call me the day before my SSI hearing, and she never did. She was late for our meeting the day of the hearing, and there were papers that were never received by the Judge. The Judge verbally chastized her at the court in front of everybody! She obviously had not reviewed my case, because there was personal information that was revealed at the hearing, and I was blindsided by this. Needless to say, I lost my case.