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Robert James Delcol

Criminal defense Attorney at Smithtown, NY

4.0   28 reviews
  • Licensed for 32 years
    State NY
    Acquired 1991
    Due to Register within 30 Days of Birthday Lawyer disciplined by state licensing authority in 2005


Robert J. Delcol, Esq.
1038 W Jericho Tpke
Smithtown, NY, 11787-3208

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4.0 / 5.0
  28 customer reviews
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Posted by Sara | December 14, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Federal Court with Bob for 7 years
I have been fighting a CPS Civil Rights case with Mr. Del Col for 7 years now. The egregious things that happened to our daughter are slightly summarized in this New York Post article: When everyone else was afraid to take on our case and upset the Suffolk County Family Court System, possibly hurting their own practices; Bob was the only one that stepped up to the plate. He has spent tireless hours working, writing, researching, talking to experts and fighting for justice for my daughter and the civil rights of my sons that were wrongfully taken by CPS. I should have typed this referral years ago. If you have any questions as to whether Robert Del Col is the proper attorney for you please feel free to call me at 631.514.9660 and I will answer any questions that you my have. He is tenacious and fiercely protective of his clients. That is not a quality easy found in this vast field. Very truly yours, Sara Keenan
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Posted by anonymous | February 21, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Forever grateful to this man
I lost my sister 4 years ago and the father of her 2 young children left the state with them and this lawyer got them back for me and I now have custody of them. I can’t say enough good things about him
Posted by Irene | May 16, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Divorce Attorney
If you are looking for an amazing, smart, compassionate, talented, tough divorce attorney, Robert Delcol is your lawyer. He will fight for you and win! Being a stickler for service and working with someone that knows their profession extremely well, Robert Delcol is a professional, experienced attorney and has an amazing knowledge of law. I was very impressed and extremely happy with my results. He is the best in his field.
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Posted by Brittany Brescia | October 23, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
The absolute BEST
My husband and I reached out to Rob when we were at our absolute lowest point. We were 7 months in to losing our son in a battle with CPS. We thought we would never get threw what was our absolute worst nightmare. We come from great families and our son is our entire world. We tried everything with family court, CPS, and different attorneys and alls we did was spin our wheels and lose more time not having our baby. The first time we sat down and spoke with Rob, we were not only embarrassed but we had zero confidence that anyone was going to change or help our situation. We couldn't have been more wrong! When we sat down and spoke with Rob during our initial consultation, it was the first time since our son was ripped out of our lives that we actually felt a sense of hope! He made us feel so comfortable, so confident, he made us see there could be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Rob spent a great amount of time talking with us and told us exactly what his plan of action would be if we were to hire him. As confident as we were in him, we felt so defeated up until this point we were still unsure. After a long ride home and much discussion we knew that he was our best fighting chance. We consulted with Rob on a Tuesday and our court date was Thursday, so this was really our last desperate cry for help. Rob was also leaving for vacation the week we consulted with him so he wasn't going to be there for our first court date. He sent someone from his office in his place, and let me tell you as soon as the judge heard he was representing us-it was a whole new "ballgame"!!!!! Even though nothing was done that day, we left that courtroom knowing we made the right decision. To make a long story short, Rob told us this needed to be taken to trial. That word terrified us! We thought a trial would be extremely drawn out and very expensive. We met with Rob in August-when we marked our case for trial. Our next court date fell on our sons 2nd birthday 9/15/16 and the CPS county attorney called out sick. On October 20th-only our third court date, we won our case and our son cane HOME!!! Before we hired Rob we had read reviews where people have said they are forever in debt to him-and now we understand exactly what they meant. There are no words to express and no amount of money we could give to ever repay what Rob did for us. We have never met anyone who knows the law so unbelievably in and out-it's amazing! Rob, you will forever be family to us. You changed our lives for the best and we are blessed to have had you in our corner. THANK YOU!!!!!!
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Posted by Kim G | April 4, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Mr. DelCol I is not only a great attorney for matrimonial but has helped my friend with clearing his name on a different matter. He is knowledgeable and knows the law better than some of the judges that are on the stand. I highly recommend Bob Delcol to anyone who needs to feel their case is just as a important as the multi million dollar PI case. Thank you Bob from expediting my divorce and showing the court the truth!
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Posted by Rich | April 2, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Innovative, Flawless, Resilient, Effective
As Combat Airborne Veteran, I highly recommend Mr, Del Col to my fellow veteran brothers & any person seeking an attorney, who exceeds the standards. Ill even give you and example, Mr, Del col is one of the few attorneys who is respected enough to give seminars to new students studying Law, the rest are Judges, obviously Mr, Del Col is respect around his colleges and peers. His Pristine logic and innovative, strategies, strengthen his broad ever learning, expertise in law. What I notice right off the bat with him was his amazing interpersonal skills, which made me feel comfortable, enabling me to trust him as my attorney, through an array of complex legal issues. I have read some other blogs on this post about Mr, Del col not being able to be reached, which was not my experience at all & further-more, if he isn't available, its most likely because he is working on your case, or other clients he has an obligation to. So when the opposition is sleeping Mr. Del Col is grinding out your case, making sure all his legal tools are sharp for arbitration. This attribute of perseverance, along side with his logical thinking ability, along with his fond recollection of case law, enables him to effectively remedy facts, that work in his clients favor. I came to Mr, Del Col after I had exhausted much time and money with another attorney who actually made my case worse, although some attorneys may be known for how quick they respond and listen to you as if they were your therapist, don't be fooled, because these are the same attorneys who tell you what you want to hear, and each call is adding up, but my question is are the results in their clients favor, adding up, because with Mr. Del Col his work speaks for itself. Also for what its worth Mr. Del Col actually has never talked to me about money since the beginning of my case, Instead I would receive text and emails telling me, its going to be okay we will kick ass in court. Do you want a winner or do you want a therapist attorney, when its my Childs custody battle on the line or my freedom I want to win!
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Posted by Jennifer W. | April 1, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Exceptional Attorney
Robert DelCol did an outstanding job of handling two separate contempt actions against my former spouse. He was proactive, organized, very professional and quick to address any questions and concerns regarding the cases. I recommended him highly!
Posted by Donough | November 15, 2014
A Professional and a Smart Trial Attorney
I was in the midst of incredibly complex litigation and clearly needed more sophisticated counsel. I already had full custody of my son but considering the history it was essential that I had the right advocate. The international aspects involving treaty obligations of multiple countries alone were too complex for most attorneys to fully understand. I was introduced to Robert Del Col by a friend and immediately knew I was in good hands. He understood my concerns and the breadth of legal issues. He had the skill and judgment required to make my case in the strongest possible terms. The case is soon to be decided in full yet I am confident that Robert has represented me and ultimately my son's interests superbly. We have had our share of victories in our various motions and we will prevail in the final decision.
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Posted by Gary | March 12, 2013
Bob DelCol, the most competant trial lawyer I have ever seen
I hired Mr. DelCol for a "criminal" charge in Nassau Family Court. A charge my ex wife brought against me. Although the charge was bogus, I filed two motions pro se to get the OP and charges dismissed and even went the appellate court in Brooklyn. I was denied by all. I hired Mr. DelCol two weeks before the trial. He understood the case immediately and took it on for a reasonable fee. I went to trial yesterday. Mr. DeCol did a great job! The Judge had her mind made up that she would find ne guilty and I was planning on appealing. Bob made such a good case and more importantly, something rare in Long Island lawyers, did not allow the Judge to bully him, and believe me, she tried very hard. Bobs confidence made me feel comfortable. His off the cuff knowledge of the law is unparalleled. I was offered a "plea bargain". Most lawyers would tell me to take it but not Bob, he said lets go to trial and if we loose, we will win in the appeal court. If you are considering hiring Bob and you want to speak to me directly to get more info, I am so thankful for what he did, I will post my cell number.
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Posted by Scott | July 23, 2012
If you want to win, you NEED Del Col !
Robert was reccommended to me when I was at the end of my rope with the custody battle for my son. I had been through 3 attorneys prior to Robert who did not have the knowledge required to handle my very complicated case. Del Col immediately knew what actions to take to make progress, even coming in late in the game and gave me hope which I hadn't had for over a year. One of the sharpest legal minds here on Long Island, his knowledge and experience is evident from the first moment you meet him. He is a "ready for battle" absolute shark in court! For the first time my ex wife's attorney knew he was out lawyered! He is a genuine guy with a heart of gold and truly cares about his clients lives and children. I now have sole legal custody of my son all thanks to Robert!
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Posted by kristin | June 12, 2012
Robert Del Col goes to war for you
Robert was reccommended to me when I was desperate for justice for my son and his safety. After 2 other family/divorce attorneys that were both highly rated in NY by all different publications I got the results that my son deserved from Robert. If you want your hand held (meaning you need a therapist) he isn't your guy if you want someone you can depend on someone who knows your case and has a personal passion for every client and their children, he treats you like family. If you want an attorney who is not afraid to fight for you and your childs best interest and who will go to war with you for your childs safety and for your families best interest he is the person you want to stand next to in a court room. He is highly respected by judges and court officers. Other attorneys nay not like him because he probably beat them. Thanks to Robert I have sole legal and residential custody of my son. After moving from California to NY "without legal permission" it is sometihing I was told I would never have. I thank Robert for all his hard work and feel confident knowing he is my corner always!
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Posted by john | May 23, 2012
Delcol is a workhorse
Mr . Del col took over my divorce case when my previous attorney was simply getting pushed around by my wifes attorney even though she had been in law practice for over 25 years and came highly recommended.Mr. Del col took my case days before we were due to be in court and it was if i had him in my corner all along. Mr Del col is extremely knowledgable about the several areas of the law but most importantly knows how to apply it. His knowledge and experience really shined through in our court appearances where he was fantastic. He didnt miss any tricks thrown at him and his memmory of my case was phenominal. Onceyou get to know him and his unusaul work ethic it is hard not to appreciate him and all he does.If your looking for someone to go into battle with there is no other lawyer id pick.
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Posted by anonymous | May 11, 2012
If you have a criminal case pending, then you definitely want Bob on your side!
Mr. Del Col represented me in a very complicated narcotics case. From the moment he stepped into the Courtroom, he was in control. Seeing him in Court is amazing. He literally takes over. He is very smart and his trial skills are something to behold. It’s obvious that everyone, including the Judges, like and, most of all, respect him. He works around the clock and never stops. It’s not unusual for him to call or text late into the night if he is working on a motion and has a question. The man is a brilliant, dedicated and highly skilled attorney. In my case, other lawyers I spoke to told me to plea from a felony down to a misdemeanor but with Bob, I beat the case flat out. If I was convicted of anything, it would have ruined my life. If you’re in trouble, this is the lawyer you need. He is an unstoppable force. There is one thing you should know about Bob: he won’t tolerate a whiner or, as he puts it, “no crybabies allowed”. If you start whining, he’ll throw you out of his office. Bob is tough as nails and as smart as they come.
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Posted by anonymous | May 8, 2012
Highly Skilled Legal Representation
Mr. Del Col handled my case in a very professional manner. Whether it was dealing with issues that required writing or court appearances, Robert was more than capable of getting the job done. The work that he has done required focus and commitment. In working with Robert over the course of my case, I found him to be a dedicated attorney who is passionate about his work. He is an avid legal researcher and an excellent writer. I can also tell you that he is not easily intimidated and takes on each challenge using his extensive experience and knowledge. His understanding and respect for the law and legal process was reassuring and gave me the feeling that matters would be dealt with accordingly and appropriately.
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Posted by Anthony | May 4, 2012
Good Attorney Representation...............
I was represented by this Attorney in 2002 when I was Arrested for a serious Weapon charge. I was facing a 3-6 minimum. The cops stop, search & arrest was totally wrong. This was as simple as an Attorney doing his job rite. he knows the law as well as any Attorney I've ever used. Most clients complain that he doesn't return phone calls. If he returned every phone call,, he wouldn't have time to do his job. I would recommend this Attorney to anyone who has a legal matter large or small. He always prevails!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Frank | May 1, 2012
best trial lawyer in New York
There is no lawyer more committed to his clients than Bob. He is one of the VERY few lawyers that is NOT intimidated by prosecutors or large law firms. He knows his law and works with a passion. When he says he will go to trial, he is NOT bluffing and I can not tell you how important that is. He is known to follow through and go to trial. He takes control and is liked and respected by any jury he works in front of. I would recommend Bob to anyone that is facing criminal charges. Most lawyers take a fee go through the process for a few months or years and then recommend a plea, not Bob
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Posted by Joe | April 27, 2012
the best criminal lawyer on Long Island
My name is Joe and after many years of being a model citizen i found myself in big trouble and facing 15 years to life in prison.From the moment i met Bob,as i was handcuffed to a table in the basement of the suffolk county courthouse at my arraignment,Bob assured me he was going to do everything in his power to keep me out of prison and close to my wife and children whom i love so dearly.From the look in his eyes i knew this was true and Bob meant business,Bob took the necessary time to always make me feel at ease and that everything was gonna be ok.Many nights lying in bed unable to sleep from worrying about where my near future was headed, I would often receive a late night phone call from Bob just calling to check in and make sure i was ok! Amazingly enough it seemed that he knew that I needed a voice of reassurance and he let me know he was still working on my case well into the midnight hour! i was often told by other attorneys and people around the courts how lucky i am to have Bob representing me.When Bob walks into a courtroom the amount of sureness and confidence in his presence and demeanor makes his clients feel the same,this is big.After a year and a half I am happy to say Robert Delcol is a loving caring well spoken family man who treats all of his clients as if they were his own family,I will always be greatful for Bob as i didnt spend one day in prison and i am enjoying my wife,life and children and living the American dream.Bob you are a miracle worker and a wonderment to this world!Thank You!
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Posted by Mark | March 29, 2012
Divorce Client Mark
Aside from being a great lawyer, Bob has a unique ability to foretell the future. I trusted him and he outlined what to expect. Wow, was he on the money. Because of Bob’s skill and work ethic, I have custody of my children. I did have an obligation as a client to listen AND follow his advice, even when I didn’t like what he told me to do. He was always right. I am forever in his debt, for what he has given me is priceless and beyond any gift I have or will ever receive. I have my children’s lives in my hands to guide them with love, trust and support. God Bless Bob. He has amazing and incredible abilities and is the smartest man I’ve ever met. He has the ability to write motions, try a case, appeal an unfair or improper decision; he keeps everyone on their toes. He knows the law better than any attorney I have ever met and on trial, he owns the Courtroom. He will also tell a person (client, lawyer or Judge) when they are being unreasonable or if they have an unwinnable position. He’s not a big hand-holder but, like he says, “you’re gonna hate me during the race but you’ll be kissing me at the finish line.” Lastly, as a constitutional and criminal lawyer, he’s amongst the best in the State and everyone knows it.
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Posted by Rick | January 26, 2011
Tried other Lawyers - Went back to Bob because I trust him
Bob handled my divorce and DUI case. Technically - Sharpest Lawyer I have personally known. Reputation - Every Lawyer, Judge knows and respects Bob - Very well connected. Personally - Straight forward and blunt - You always know where you stand with Bob as well as the case. Results: He just wins. Having know Bob for over 10 years......He is almost impossible to get a hold of. But if you can get in touch and he takes your case.....You will know why he he so hard to get in touch with.......He works his ass for you. He kept me out of jail when 5 others stated I was doing 1-5 years for a DUI(s). When you really need Bob, He's there and shows up like a Bull Dog. During my divorce, he drove my ex to retain three lawyers to try to beat Bob....didn't work! I am indebted to Bob in a big way. ...He kept me out of jail and around to raise my kids.
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Posted by Frank | March 19, 2010
A+++ Attorney
Mr. Del Col is an exceptional attorney. His knowledge of the legal system is exceptional. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. HIs professional approach from the first day put me at ease during a turbulent time in my life.
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Robert James Delcol
Criminal defense Attorney
Smithtown, NY
Licensed for 32 years
This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2005. See details