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Richard Kraslow’s reviews

     2.5 stars 3 total

Review Richard Kraslow
  • great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lmf815

    I know Richard for over 17 years. I have used him many times. He has been there for me 100%. He is a very intelligent and resilient man. I would definitely recommend him. You will be very happy

  • unprofessional & unethical

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Although I told him not to take certain positions he did anyway because he said it was in my interests, even thoug it admitedly crossed the line of proper legal practices. He overbills. In one instance he almost doubled the time we met. Keep your eye on your watch. I switched lawyers and my new one was shocked at some of the things he did.

  • a crook

    1.0 star

    Posted by bonnie

    He is a crook. He serves according to your ability to pay. Would he letigate for you to get the end result? no he will see if writing letters is sufficient instead of filing motion.

    Does he represent you?? how about cutting short of hearing because the client cant pay for more than 5 hours.

    if you hire richard 1) read up on what type of letigation will be productive 2) connect to organizations that will help you find the clients who held him , like american for the legal reform, citizens legal responsibility etc. 3) check his billing as you receive it and question everything he bills you how long does it take to read apage, how long does it take to wirte a response, does he write it himself? then it would be more time consuming or its done by a experienced typsit? should you be gettting billed at his hourly rate or should it be the secretary. 4) what part of the case could be handeled by a paralegal or a assistant attorney, but he doesnt have the staff. He does everything himself hence high legal fees.

    5) ask to speak to the clients, not the clients who he is still working with but rather who has worked with him.... go to courts and find the information abnout him.. after all at the end its 'buyers be aware'.

    6) watch out for liens and judgements against you that he thinks of in order to make sure that he gets paid..

    I would not recommend him... interview few lawyers and you will see the difference.