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Patricia Latzman’s reviews

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  • Stay Away!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Pat Latzman did not represent my children's wishes to the court whatsoever, however, she completely and unprofessionally sided with my ex-husband. I was a stay at home mother, and the children wanted to reside with me as their father worked 60+ hours per week. However she allowed him to hire various "baby sitters" off of craigslist, with no background check, and fought for him to have joint custody. I provided her with concrete proof, time and again that my children were being neglected in his care, but she always looked the other way. My children have suffered immensely and have been in therapy for years. She even banned their therapist from making a statement to the court.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joel

    Pat Latzman was the Law Guardian, appointed by the court for my two kids. She was a wonderful , dedicated , caring and sensitive advocate. She worked hard to ensure that my two kids were safe and that their rights were protected. Ms Latzman was always professional.
    I am a Dad who ended up with custody. I had many hurdles, since many from the court seem to favor the mother in all cases.
    But Ms Latzman was impartial from the start. Her only priority was to protect the best interests of my two kids.
    If you read this , ignore those others on this site who wrote negative reviews. I'm sure there was more to their stories.
    Ms Latzman ensured the non custodial parent , my Ex, paid child support and will pay her half of college tuition for our kids. I don't know why one reviewer claims she doesn't fight for that.
    Also, she was very fair with her fees , to both me and my Ex. ..Disregard reviewers who complained about her fees. She does have a legal right to get paid. But she is very fair about it.
    Ms Latzman cared about the kids first, before the money.
    I am thankful my kids got lucky and ended up with Pat Latzman as their Law Guardian.
    If a parent is in the right. If a parent is honest and up front with Ms Latzman, then she can fairly and properly help the children.
    I highly recommend her as an advocate for children.

  • Worse laywer in NY and Naussau County family court. Waist of money.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    She is the worst advocate for children if u plan to get her as children lawyer. i highly recommend letting the court pick another one for u. all she thinks about is her pocket and getting her money. hell with the kids. she has refused to call me on major issues and she keeps ignoring my calls. my children are all adult now and have moved on. i highly recommend staying away from her. her business manner is zero and she is a waste of money. dont let your divorce case get ruined with this lazy and money loving lawyer.

  • A Self Important Queen, Pretending to have Your Child's Best Interests at Heart

    1.0 star

    Posted by John

    This woman was my son's law guardian. In that time, her main concern was making life as easy for herself as possible, and making sure her fees were collected. She brokered deals supposedly to protect my son from his abusive mother ( I got custody over him; he now attends Ohio State ) , yet my wife was off the hook for any child support or college tuition, absolutely no provision was made to make sure that my savings, and the inheritance my son received from his grandmother, was secure. In short, she talked tough, but then after she made huge mistakes in trusting my wife's attorney, she did not want to be bothered. My divorce attorney trusted her, to our lasting detriment. We could not possibly have done worse; only the bonds of love and self sacrifice between my son and I kept our lives relatively stable.

  • She Definitely Doesn't Care About A Child's Best Interest

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    For starters, she ignored me for almost two months after she was assigned my case. My initial call to her I said, "You are the lawyer the court has assigned to my case." I asked to meet with her immediately, as I had been forced into relocation out of state by the actions of my estranged spouse. Wouldn't you know she tried to act like she didn't know she was my lawyer. And lo and behold, the court had served her notice that very day which I called her. Over the course of my case, she basically treated me like dirt, acting as if she was doing me a favor just by half-heartedly working a case she was paid her GOING RATE by the court to work. The day before a scheduled appearance my child fell ill and we could not fly. Of course, she claimed she would get a continuance. Also on two days prior she emailed me a list of my estranged husband's custody demands. She "strongly suggested" I agree to it. I sent her back my list of modifications, which by the way all parties are claiming to never have seen. On that very hearing the judge dismissed my petitions and granted all of my spouse's even going to extremes and barring me from my child's church, school, and granting an r.o. against me in both of their names. I was informed she stood by and did nothing on the day in question and didn't contest anything the judge ordered in my absence. She then proceeded to KNOWINGLY FILE AN APPEAL IN THE WRONG COURT, SO AS TO ENSURE I WAS NOT ABLE TO GET A VIABLE APPEALS PROCESS GOING. SHE TOLD ME "I COULD ASK FOR AND GET A STAY OF THE ORDERS, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO. She filed appeal papers with the NY Appellate Court, knowing full well they will not hear any appeals on default orders. She was supposed to file an appeal with the court who granted the order to remove default status and she did not. Domestic violence was involved. Now I am forced to do my abuser's bidding or risk being slapped with jail time. DO NOT USE THIS SO CALLED ATTORNEY UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS INCLUDING THOSE OF SAFETY, AND CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILDREN. I am now forced to start all over after almost two years of work, and no missed appearances prior to being forced out of state by said spouse. I hope someone takes her license one day and should any harm befall myself or my child as a result of her negligence as an attorney, my family will hold her COMPLETELY LIABLE for those damages. SHE DID NOTHING FOR ME AS AN ATTORNEY EXCEPT LOSE MY CASE. MY ESTRANGED SPOUSE STARTED THE CASE TO TRY TO CONTROL ME THROUGH OUR CHILD. What kind of sick person helps someone permanently keep such sick actions going.? When I called her afterwards, she then threatened to have me charged with harassment....Hopefully no one else will lose their child or safety courtesy of this so called attorney. She felt the case was too difficult and thus refused to do the necessary work. I would have rather proceeded pro se than to ever have been assigned to someone like her.