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Patricia Martin-Gibbons’s reviews

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  • I am currently suing for her Legal Malpratice on grounds of neglience, incompentence and abandondment

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I retained Patricia Martin Gibbons in a child support proceeding in June 2009. On the Finicial Disclosure Forms My Ex put down a claimed income of 42,000 annually from the cash business she runs. Dispite the fact she lives in a 500,000 dollar Co-Op in Park Slope and had a total of $36,000 in savings. Furthermore, my ex had an illegal off the books Nanny come in and testify for her. Rather than have her testimony dismissed and demand proper income reporting documentation required by Federal and State Laws. She let her testify further burying me in arrears. She never filed for any finical disclosure discovery on my child's mother to verify her multiple income sources and questionable lifestyle expenses like designer clothes and extensive travel for someone who claims so little income. Thanks to Patricia Martin Gibbons I ended up owing $25,000 in arrears for this illegal nanny that a woman who claims only $42,000 annually would never be able to afford to pay in the first place.

    In February of 2010 my ex filed an Ex Parte hearing against me claiming I was abusive Father. Solely to Reduce the liberal visitation I had with my child. Ask your self “Why would anyone say their child's father is abusive and still want visitation?” I tried contacting her office multiple times she did not respond like - she disappeared. The Next time I saw her was at the final hearing for the child support hearing.

    After receiving the Findings of Fact I tried calling her multiple times and she was no where to be found. Fed up I retained a new attorney named James Nemia. Only then did Patricia Martin-Gibbons call James Nemia filed an Order to Show Cause and She promptly agreed to settle with a Parenting Agreement.

    Thanks to this Patricia Martin-Gibbons negligence and incompetence in handling this matter it has still costing tens thousands more on my reduced income to try and fix the mess she created for me.