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Ellen B. Holtzman

Ellen Holtzman’s reviews

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  • Ellen Holtzman is best divorce atty. in Rockland

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carrie

    Ellen B. Holtzman was recommended to me by another attorney in the area as “the best divorce lawyer in the county,” and she was absolutely right. Mine was a late life divorce, after nearly 40 years of marriage. I knew that I would need a sure hand to navigate many complex financial issues, which included multiple legal landmines. First, there were the various complexities of splitting a New York City civil service pension which, although no easy task, Ellen’s firm was well versed in. They ensured my portion of his pension was exact and timely, and continued corresponding with me well after the divorce was final to make sure I was receiving my share. Many thanks to paralegal Collette, who also diligently worked on my behalf. The whole team made me feel so well cared for. Ellen Holtzman and her associate Meryl Neuren were confronted with what must be the most verbose lawyer in New York State. One of her games was to increase the workload by sending massive stacks of paper on a regular basis. But she was no match for my smart, efficient, and poised-under-fire team. Ellen Holtzman is amazing. Her entire legal team gave me exemplary representation. I highly recommend them.

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  • Escape from an unhealthy marriage

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maggie

    I had been hoping and praying for ten years that I could save my marriage. A traumatic event in my husband's life led to his abuse of alcohol, drugs, and eventually me and our two girls. I had a good job at a leading financial institution in New York, but all of the happiness was being drained from our lives. Before long, both our young daughters had begin abusing drugs. They were acting out their anger and depression in other heartbreaking ways, too. despite all this, I continued to try to make the marriage work for ten long years. A faithful Catholic, I rejected the very idea of divorce. But I finally realized that my marriage was hopeless, and my life was a shambles. My insistence on trying to save the marriage was destroying the ones I lived the most, the ones who most deserved my love--my children.
    As the violence escalated, a therapist referred me to Ellen Holtzman. Ellen moved immediately to get me an Order of Protection. My husband had long since stopped being a husband or father, but he fought the divorce. Ellen and her staff were so caring and so good to me. Ellen guided me every step of the way. We spent long hours after my work day was over with thousands of sheets of paper. I always felt like I was her top priority. She knew what I would need to take care of the girls, and she created the best possible scenario for us. Just walking through the courthouse with Ellen, I could see how well liked and respected she is, and I felt like a million dollars. Ultimately, I got full legal and physical custody, and Ellen helped me to see my way clear to a better future. It hasn't been all smooth sailing, but we are working to build that future now, and I am so grateful to Ellen, and to the therapist who led me to Ellen Holtzman and this new life.

  • Avoid this divorce lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mark

    My case was badly mishandled. Problems included lack of preparation when we went to court, no contact at all for months (this is documented) and then a rush to settle only after the clock ran up useless hours at a very high cost. No planning, no strategy, unable to stand up to my ex's attorney. We just folded when my money ran out leaving me with a huge bill. Now my lawyer, Ellen has hired her own lawyer to sue me!

  • ellen holtzman no good

    1.0 star

    Posted by fisherman

    I find it interestijng that the two positive reviews of Ellen Holtzman were done on the same day.

    I agree with the other bad review. Ellen Holtzman's is a total disaster. Run, do not walk, away from this law office. Her business is a total disorganized mess and she seems to have no clue what she or her staff are doing. My legal expensises were over 4X what she said they would be, and she still couldn't get it done.