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David Victor Hasin

David Hasin’s reviews

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  • Sexist

    1.0 star

    Posted by Allison

    Do not even think about hiring him if you are woman filling for divorce. I paid him almost $8,000 and I'd not even get child support in the 2 1/2 years he represented me. Twice the judge ordered him to file my child support through support collection and it was never done. He tried to convince me that I would get nothing from my future ex husband, yes I am still married after all of this. I took off countless days of work for court dates that never even happened. He was best friends with my ex's lawyer and let the lawyer call me a b**** to my face, some great representation. Finally I told him I would not pay him another dime until I got some results. The day before I had court he called me and told me was not representing me anymore but that I had to show up to court the very next day alone. His firm even gave me the wrong address for the court and when I finally got to the correct courthouse they told me he himself had cancelled the court date. Another wasted day off of work lost time and money and serious frustration. This guy is trying to run for family court judge and I quote " because someone has to stick up for the fathers" what about the mothers? We are the ones taking care of the kids everyday supporting them while the deadbeat fathers get away with no responsibilities. One of his rude clients interrupted us at court and David totally ignored me because the man had just gotten a multi million dollar settlement when he returned to me he told me that was an important case because that client paid him$11,000 . He needs to be reported to the bar for his sexist discrimination agains women and if he gets appointed to a family court judge all the single mothers out there are in serious trouble. Hiring him was a complete nightmare and waste of $8,000 still married, no child support for 3 children ages 7,4,2,. He really makes me sick p.s. I left my ex with the house brand new car everything, all I asked for was a divorce and child support and I got absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!

  • Unfortunately horrible

    1.0 star

    Posted by Anthony

    I hired him to handle 2 things in my divorce!! First one was get me my personal property out of My home as in clothing. Second was my order of protection that my wife had against me. Hasin was very corky and bold saying I will get you your property and handle that order. He had about 3 weeks to prepare the day of court he gets up there in front of the judge and tells her he is new to the case as is not prepared to proceed today. Then let's the judge slam the order of protection to be extended another month. He gives me a stupid excuse and runs off long story short he never got me my stuff and even let my wife lawyer hanging about my property. Then he just vanished with my money the judge even couldn't understand his actions. He will not return my calls or emails and has gone missing.

  • An Excellent Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    Mr Hasin was a super fighter when our daughter needed help. He was in contact with us throughout the process and we won! He is an expert in the legal system and great at dealing with clients that have been through trama.