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Evan Wiederkehr

Divorce and separation Attorney at White Plains, NY

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also known as The Wiederkehr Law Group, P.C.

Virtual consultation available
Virtual consultation available
  • Licensed for 25 years
    State NY
    Acquired 1999
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Mr. Wiederkehr litigates complex matrimonial and family law matters putting the client’s goals and needs first. Every effort is made to achieve resolution never losing sight of the fact that some matters may only be resolved through court proceedings and intervention. The client is always educated with respect to the process and potential outcomes to enable the individual to understand and influence the issues that will affect the fundamental aspects of their life.


The Wiederkehr Law Group, P.C.
The Gateway Building
1 North Lexington Avenue, 11th Fl.
White Plains, NY, 10601-


5.0 / 5.0
  10 customer reviews
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Posted by anonymous | May 25, 2023
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
He's the one!!!
Evan was referred to me by another prominent attorney who would not take my case due to my ex husbands unstable and insane counsel. Despite this fact, Evan took the time to explain what we were up against and he took on this challenge when other attorneys backed away. Before I met Evan I was in a high conflict case for four years and I can honestly say he was the answer to my prayers I had been saying after many sleepless nights. From start to finish he was determined to help me achieve the best possible outcome tailored to my unique needs. His confidence is contagious and you can't help but feel like you are being protected at all times. Evan takes the time to understand your case and he very skillfully handles it with all the precise care in the world, as if you are his own family. He is the best combination of intelligence and experience with a genuine down to earth vibe. In the courtroom he is laser focused and in trial he supersedes all the checkpoints of your expectations in an attorney and ally. His cross examination skills in my case were as sharp as a prize fighter's jabs -for once leaving the opposition staggered and characterless. Finally, he made me see the rays of justice and shed light on the deceitful narcissistic tactics of my ex and his mini me attorney. He is a creative, skilled negotiator and he will not disappoint even in the toughest situation like my own. I am forever grateful to him for his guidance, determination, patience and expertise, but most of all for being my protective voice when I was at my lowest and needed it the most. His strategic abilities have made such positive impact on my future, as he will for you when you hire him.
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Posted by Linda | November 5, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Amazing to have in your corner through a divorce.
After 34 years of marriage I had finally decided to divorce. Evan and his staff were indispensable with guiding me through the process. My ex suffers from some issues that can make dealing in reality difficult and he ended up drawing out this process for over 2 years. I always felt that Evan was able to keep professional demeanor during some crazy interactions but also always kept my interests heard and defended. I have come out the other end of this process in a much better and happier place and will always be grateful to Evan and his incredible staff.
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Posted by Jane | November 17, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Excellent Attorney
I met Evan while I was sleeping in a friend's basement after leaving my home with my two children, two dogs and what we could carry. I knew I needed an order of protection and I also knew I needed an attorney. I gathered recommendations and one name came up again and again: Evan Wiederkehr. I called Evan and spoke with Jesse, his paralegal, and she connected me with Evan immediately. Evan was on break while on trial and took the call, then called me back later that day. Believing I needed to engage in my own manner of due diligence to find an attorney, I spoke with several other attorneys after those initial conversations with Evan. The last attorney I spoke with informed me that she only worked with high networth clients. She then asked who else I had spoken with and I reeled off the names. She stopped on Evan's name and said, "If you can get Evan to take your case, go with him, he's excellent." I called Evan that day to retain him. Sparing the details, my divorce involved every conceivable aspect of the human condition and experience from abuse to financial dishonesty. At every step of the way, Evan was clear and motivated to protect me and my children and made our well-being emotionally and financially his priority. He knows the law and importantly he knows when to fight and when to allow events to unfold. He's patient with the process knowing he will reach his goal in bringing to light what is necessary. In deposition, he walked my ex-husband mercilessly through questions about different financial processes leading him to think that Evan didn't know how things worked which in the end allowed Evan to lead him to reveal that he'd lied about use of marital assets. Evan made this process as humane as it could have been for me. Just when you feel as if you can't take another step, Evan meets the challenge with humor. Others have commented on Evan's humor as well as his real caring for his clients. To drive this point home, I'd say that for most of the last two years I've felt as if I were Evan's only client. In my view, this is exactly what you want from your attorney when your life and future hang in the balance. 
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Posted by Rob | July 28, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Incredible Divorce Lawyer
Evan is truly an incredible attorney and person. Throughout my divorce, he was a fantastic strategic partner to me and a thoughtful, reasonable and relentless advocate. I have worked with many professionals, not just lawyers, over the course of my life, and he is among the most capable I have ever encountered. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, I tapped my network for recommendations for lawyers, and Evan came back at the top of the list. Being a former lawyer myself, I held him to a nearly unreasonably high standard, and he far exceeded it. Equally importantly, Evan was always mindful of my financial circumstances. He would never compromise our case for the sake of cost, but he always struck the right balance between cost and seeking judicial intervention. He always acted like he was spending his own money when we had to make a decision. Lastly, he was always available whenever I needed him, nights, weekends, anytime. I unconditionally and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of counsel for a matrimonial matter. Evan possesses a wide range of skills that make him a particularly capable and skilled advocate. He successfully negotiated the custody arrangement that was critical for the children and me and helped me navigate an extremely contentious divorce with both legal and general advice. He also secured, after trial, a support obligation which reflected the reality of my and my former spouse's financial circumstances (even though she and her team of lawyers sought support payments which would have bankrupted me). We were up against an irrational party with unlimited resources and he couldn’t have done a better job. Unfortunately, we were not able to settle our divorce and therefore had to go through a very lengthy trial. I knew Evan was a skilled negotiator and tactician based on his handling of the divorce leading up to trial, but I did not know how he would perform at a trial. Any uncertainty I had was completely unfounded. My ex-wife had hired a second attorney (apparently, one of the most well-known trial attorneys in New York) to lead the trial for her side. Evan handled the case masterfully in every way. From the depositions to opening statements to all direct and cross examination of witnesses through to the post-trial brief on my behalf. He was outstanding from not only a legal perspective but also from a practical strategy standpoint. He always advised me well, when to give and when to fight, based on how the situation would likely unfold and the cost-benefit of each issue. His years of experience and good judgement served me well. I can’t say enough good things about Evan. If you are looking for a consummate professional, one who will be tireless in representing you, but also practical, thoughtful and able to navigate just about anything that can happen in a divorce, then Evan is the right attorney for you.
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Posted by Elza | May 13, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Above and Beyond the Rest
I was referred to Mr. Wiederkehr by my cousin who used Evan during his messy divorce. My cousin had nothing but praise for Mr. Wiederkehr. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect to go through the same experience-- if not worse. But Evan walked me through every step of the process from beginning to end in what turned out to be a four year ordeal. It was messy, complicated and intense. But Evan met and surpassed every single challenge that came our way. Highly articulate, competent, completely on TOP of his game, Evan went beyond the call of duty for me and secured an excellent settlement. But more importantly, he helped me successfully close that horrible chapter in my life and move on financially. From his court appearances before different judges ( and there were quite a few!) to all his affidavits-- his eloquence, thoroughness, and excellence in representing me went beyond par. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Wiederkehr to anyone facing similar challenges. He will not let you down.
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Posted by Karen | April 5, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Best Divorce attorney in NY!
I hired Evan Wiederkehr after all my prior attorneys failed to help me achieve the results I wanted. I would like to say that my divorce case was not an easy one considering my ex-husband had carefully and strategically prepared himself for the event several months in advanced. We were married for 15+ years with kids. My ex-husband and I started several businesses together, much of the assets were in Trusts and companies in various jurisdictions some of which were international. My ex-husband and his divorce attorney secretedly moved almost all of our marital the assets out of the US and virtually made himself poor on paper. His attorney advised him to gradually stop contributing to the household maintenance and generating income. Some of you reading this might have had a similar story. Once I realized what my Ex-husband was doing I filed for divorce using an attorney recommended by a family friend who was not experienced to understand the complexity of marital assets and the company structures. He struggled with my case and was intimidated by my Ex and his attorney. I then hired a bunch of women attorneys who advertised on the internet they were the TOP divorced legal team for family matters. Quite frankly they gave me headaches daily and didn't accomplish anything besides enriching their purse to buy more expensive art work to adorn their fancy office. I quickly realized my mistake by not hiring Evan Wiederkehr in the first place to represent me. I had used Evan before and I knew he was a knowledgeable and shrewd attorney who would not stand down until he got his client's interest covered. My Ex and his attorney employed the same intimidation and often unethical tactic of pretending they wanted to settle so that we would not file motions in the court to expediate the proceedings. They would hold up the settlement negotiation for months knit-picking and making unreasonable demands. During the entire divorce period I had almost drained my liquid asset with paying bills and supporting myself and the kids. It was a GREAT relief to me that Evan's firm took creditcard payments which helped me stand my ground and continue my fight without worrying about my dwindling finances. Even though my Ex was delaying and attempting to financially bully me into settling on his terms which you can imagine was not very favorable to me or fair. Evan understood quite clearly the results I wanted and did his absolute best to achieve it and ensure my rights were protected. He didn't over charge me as the other attorneys did or over promise on his ability. I was enormously relieved and confident while Evan handled my case and highly recommend him to others.
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Posted by Teri | December 19, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Everything you want and need in an attorney!
I met Evan Wiederkehr in April 2011, having been cast into an unanticipated need for a divorce attorney. I had two small children at home, a full-time job, an apartment I could not afford without support, and I was operating in a fog. I was devastated. I spoke with seven attorneys prior to choosing to work with Evan, from a "shark" on Wall Street to an eccentric woman who worked out of her chaotic apartment on the UWS. From the outset, Evan was patient, genuinely caring, and, most importantly, exceeding sharp with divorce law. He understood that being with my children was priority number one. He worked tirelessly through every step of the process to assure I would remain the primary caregiver and financially be able to care for them as they deserve. He left no stone unturned. I can't count the number of times he told me to trust him, I have, and I came out on top. I was maneuvering entirely unfamiliar territory. He was ready, willing, and able to answer every question I had, even occasionally during off hours. He calmed my fears. He reassured me that I and my kids would be ok. We are. I have continued to consult Evan since my divorce was finalized. He gives me sound advice, even when it may not be what I want to hear; for that I am forever grateful. Life can take unexpected turns. You accept it, deal with it, and move on. Attorneys like Evan are there to help.
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Posted by Souzanne and Sean | December 10, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Professional and Competent
If you are looking for an extraordinary family lawyer who is effective and responsive, Evan Wiederkehr will exceed your expectations. We had a complicated custody case that involved relocation, and demanded deep knowledge of New York law. We hired a lawyer who turned out to be completely incompetent, did the bare minimum, and lied to us about when she filed in court. We still have yet to get our money back. We lost precious time. Choosing the wrong lawyer comes with a high price financially as well as impacting children’s lives. In the midst of our legal crisis, Evan was recommended to us by a fellow lawyer, a friend of his father’s. Evan quickly mastered the complexity of our case. He is bright, personable, competent, and genuinely cares about his clients. His humorous wit was an added bonus to alleviate stress during tough court hearings and negotiations. Evan made an effort to truly understand the details of our case and to represent us fairly. He gained our full trust and was always candid if he did not agree with us. Even though the respondent’s lawyers were threatening, bullying, and unprofessional, Evan maintained his professionalism speaking with distinction, force, and conviction. Evan’s interactions with judges, lawyers, parents, child advocates, and others were always first-class and authoritative. Most importantly, Evan skillfully resolved our case, and we were granted relocation for the children. We rarely give completely unqualified recommendations, but in this case, we recommend Evan Weiderkehr without reservations. He was devoted to our family, and our family is forever grateful.
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Posted by David | October 1, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Less as More
As an attorney who didn't want to have a fool for a client, I retained Evan to negotiate and draft a settlement agreement between my soon-to-be-ex wife and me, rather than doing it myself. Of course, my wife had retained her own attorney, and she'd chosen someone notorious for being super-combative and difficult to deal with. My wife and I had already come to terms amicably on the major points, and I was concerned about losing that amicable tone once the attorneys got involved. To both attorneys' great credit, that didn't happen, and we sealed the deal with no rancor whatsoever. Evan did the primary drafting of the agreement and was very open to my input and edits. When my wife's attorney returned drafts of the agreement with suggested changes, Evan was adept at spotting new issues and working with me to iron them out quickly and efficiently. Mine was an easy case, but I know from experience that easy cases can spin out of control and become difficult or worse. I appreciate that Evan did everything necessary and nothing unnecessary to help an emotionally-charged situation go as smoothly as it could.
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Posted by mary | February 23, 2015
family law
I have gone through my share of attorney's being in every court you can imagine with my ex . For the past 13 years I have been in family, civil,supreme, criminal .anywhere my EX can drag me . SO you can imagine what I have spent on attorney's ,who are mostly 90% useless and only want to make money on you and are happy when your case drags on and on. With Evan Widerkehr he is so calm cool and collective.. He sits in court and seems so calm that you think omg is he going to do anything. Then attacks like a pitbull And gets You Everything He promised... All I can say is amazing .if you are looking for a caring and amazing attorney he is your guy.. and I Have Taken Lawyers to arbitration because they were so useless. So trust me when I say amazing..
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  • Founding Partner
  • Miller Zeiderman Wiederkehr & Schwarz LLP
  • 2013 - Present
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  • Cohen Lans, LLP
  • 2006 - 2007
  • Partner
  • DelBello Donnellan Weingarten Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP
  • 2001 - 2013
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  • 1998
  • University of Wisconsin
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 1995


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Divorce and separation Attorney | May 22
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"Evan is a consummate professional. He's extremely knowledgeable and courteous and all agree he's a pleasure to work with."
Divorce and separation

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White Plains Divorce and separation Lawyer Evan Wiederkehr
Evan Wiederkehr
Divorce and separation Attorney
White Plains, NY
Licensed for 25 years
Virtual consultation available