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  • he is not allowed to tell the truth in the courthouse

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    Posted by Brian

    Back in 2006 I filed a complaint with Jay McKay a public defender supervisor. He wrinkled up my complaint and threw it in the garbage and said " We are not alowed to tell the truth in the courthouse, we would lose are law licences if we told anyone what happened to you" The courts & DCF sent me to a anger management class called Nova or the non-violence alliance. On April 10,2006 i attended this class ordered by the courts. The two consellors were Jennifer Bernice & Raul Rios. I spoke in the class for a half hour then i wanted to leave the class because I haven't slept in a couple of days due to bi-polor. I asked to leave & Jennifer Bernice told me i could leave. As I got up Raul blocked my shoulder, squessed my shoulder hard and finally assulting me in the shoulder, telling me that I am not going anywhere and it is his class he could do anything he want's. He humiliated me and threatened me over and over. Eleven days later when I went to court Ron Stavenezzar from Family Relations told me he would assult me and guaranteed to put felonies on my record if I put charges on Raul Rios. My public defender Ronald Soberaj told me I had to go back to class and reinforced the fact they were going to put felonies on my record if i ever told the truth. DCF told me I would lose my children if I told the truth. Of course Nova covered this up. Now the are called ending violence now. Raul Rios has passed away. They supposedly did two investigations reguarding this incident. They don't want to admit the violence. DCF hearing officer Robin O'shea made a complete hearing disappear because I told the truth. DCF & Ending violence now lied to the Attorney General's office reguarding this incident. Family Relations Reginal director refused to investigate because "violence in the court system is no big deal, as long as it doesn't happen to her." I reported this incident to Ronald Soberaj, Jay Mckay, another female attorney, the secratary numerous times. I told them about my intention to sue and Ronald Soberaj told me that was his money? The whole public defender's office just kept continuing so say "we are not allowed to tell the truth in the courthouse, we would lose are law licences if they told the truth about what happened to me" A lawsuit is pending. Stop the public defenders who don't help the public. Jay McKay knew what was going on because he was a part of it. During the lawsuit other members of the anger management class reported to the class about the abuse. Ron Soberaj told judge Baldwin " Ron Stavenezzar is doing a excellent job in this case" Yeah right they were doing a excellent job covering up the crime and threatening me. Basically mostly everone reported the attack. We all told the proper authorities and the worked together to screw me over. Would you put charges if i threatened to put felonies on your record? How about if DCF came to your house and threatened to take your children. I did write letter and over a year of phone calls. Who can you call if your publc defender supervisor wont do his job? I did call the court house, but just like DCF this is someone elses problem. Former DCF director Eileen Breslin, Hearing officers Dale King & Robin O'shea. Former DCF director Susan Hamilton. Richard Mellow the director of ending violence now along with Paul the supervisor both partisipated in a 10 and half month investigation whereas they talked to everyone in the class. But noone can see the investigation because it never took place.. It takes 10 months two call 12 people, come on. The Middletown police were called but after being threatened i didn't press charges. Richard Mellow told me "it looks like the court house screwed you over, then he said thats way it should be." Not only did these people screw me over but they laughed in my face. Yeah I spent years of therepy. I told the "right" people but people don't have to do there jobs.