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John Scott Logan

Chapter 13 bankruptcy Attorney at Portland, ME

4.3   11 reviews
Licensed for 17 years Free consultation
Licensed for 17 years Free consultation

About John

Learn John’s areas of practice.

Practice areas
  1. Chapter 13 bankruptcy
    Specialize in complex Chapter 13 cases. Offer low cost representation to strip 2nd mortgages, avoid creditor harassment, and repay tax debt.

    18 years, 300 cases

  2. Chapter 7 bankruptcy
    specialize in Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy, help clients modify home loans, avoid creditor harassment, and rebuild their credit scores

    19 years, 500 cases

  3. Credit repair
    help clients rebuild their credit through workouts, bankruptcy, or fixing credit reports

    18 years, 100 cases

  4. Debt settlement
    help clients settle accounts for as little as 25 cents on the dollar. Pursue creditors who violate debt collection laws

    18 years, 50 cases

  5. Bankruptcy and debt
    Focus on protecting clients through bankruptcy, debt settlement and stop creditor harassment

    18 years, 1,000 cases

A lifelong resident of Maine, I graduated from Bowdoin College summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa where I met my wife, Carrie McGilvery, a Yarmouth native. I briefly pursued a career before attending Boston College Law School. There, I was a writer for the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter Digest.

After law school, I returned to Maine, where I have practiced exclusively in the fields of consumer and small business bankruptcy and consumer law in Saco, later in Auburn, and for the past five years, in Portland.

I pride myself on offering one-on-one communication with my clients, at a low cost. Many bankruptcy lawyers divide up the work between the partner, associates and paralegals. However, I have found that practice makes my clients uneasy. When you call me for a free consultation, you can be assured that they will meet with me. We will discuss all of the options available, whether you are facing a foreclosure, consumer law issue, or debt management issue. We will work with you to determine the best course of action, whether that is seeking a loan modification, mediating a foreclosure, pursuing debt settlement, debt consolidation (unfortunately, I don’t offer this service, but will put you in touch with someone who does), or Chapter, 7, 11, 12, or 13 bankruptcy. When there are court hearings, I will be the lawyer attending them, and I do my very best to answer all emails and calls personally. I find that having one person follow a case from start to finish enables that person to better represent his clients and gives the clients a sense of security in a very stressful situation.


Client's Choice 2013
Client's Choice
Licensed for 17 years
State MA
Status Active
Acquired 2005
Updated 09/16/2019
State ME
Status Active
Acquired 2005
Updated 05/06/2023

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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John Scott Logan


4.3 / 5.0
  11 customer reviews
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Client's Choice 2013
Client's Choice
Client's Choice is an Avvo award granted to attorneys with a significant number of client reviews over 4 stars in a given year.
Posted by Chris | September 2, 2013
Top notch lawyer, great knowledge of Maine State bankruptcy laws
I hired (John) Scott Logan and 2010 to represent me for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This was very emotional issue; Scott handled this on a professional level. He charged me a flat fee and answered all questions I had for him. Even while on the road traveling, and looking for work. I knew Scott would be there to make sure my case would be successful With my bankruptcy filing, my house was in foreclosure; Scott again was there to assist me. Scott was very honest and my outcome and he worked extremely hard for three years. I have seen very many people lose their houses with this very same experience, I can happily say that because of Scott’s assistant I am now making my first trial payment. I have often recommended Scott Logan, he is a lawyer and really cares for his clients and truly understands Maine State bankruptcy laws. I can't stress how much I appreciate Scott, my decision to file for bankruptcy was not an easy decision, and one that never want to do again. The three years that I went through bankruptcy to having a new mortgage were extremely stressful times. Having Scott on my side meant the difference between losing everything I worked a lifetime to achieve, and being able to start a brand-new life. Thank you Scott Logan for all the extremely hard work you have done for me.
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Posted by John | August 23, 2013
Have recommended him many times
John Scott Logan (goes by "Scott") was referred to me by a trusted real estate/business attorney. My initial meeting with Scott lasted an hour and a half, for which I was not charged. Based upon this meeting, I retained Scott for my case. The flat fee for representing me and preparing the necessary legal documents was very reasonable. Scott kept me well informed about the legal process, and was very knowledgeable about the different judges and their preferences. They actual hearing that I attended went according to plan, and my case was resolved successfully. I have recommended Scott many times and have had positive response from the people that have used his services based upon my recommendation..
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Posted by anonymous | August 23, 2013
Genuine Top Quality Professional
In the face of significant impending losses, one wants an attorney with a highly developed analytical ability and genuinely empathetic skills to help manage the financial quagmire. We all hope to find someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable of the pertinent financial laws and able to provide insightful advice with clarity and understanding of our dilemma. Fortunate for us, John Scott Logan practices bankruptcy law. His competency as an attorney, and moreover, his integrity as an individual can clarify and ease the way through various fiscal predicaments. Astute, honest, patient and wise, Scott is able to reduce the legal complexities of fiscal issues to a humanely comprehensible and deliverable level. He is a rare blend of high level intelligence and practical sensitivities. Throughout recent experiences with heavy financial debts and potential foreclosure on the family home, Attorney Logan offered clear and persistent advocacy and generated confidence through his patience and responsive communications. Utilizing his wisdom and depth of experience, Scott helped us to manage the entanglements of Chapter 13, a loan modification and other related fiscal matters with acumen. From our vantage point, he is a verifiable quality attorney of bankruptcy who truly cares for his clients.
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Posted by anonymous | August 22, 2013
Wish I Had Consulted With J. Scott Logan Earlier
As I was searching for Scott Logan's phone number I stumbled upon these reviews. Normally I stay away from this medium but feel the need to respond. Scott has helped me tremendously with my business and personal financial affairs. He has spent countless hours personally meeting with me and my wife to ease our fears and come up with a plan for the future. Communication with Scott and his firm have been top notch. I wish I had hired him three years ago instead of the debt consolidation company I used, would have saved thousands. I highly recommend J. Scott Logan.
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Posted by Ryan | August 22, 2013
Great Lawyer
I hired John in 2009 to handle a Chapter 13 case so that I could avoid losing my house. I had a duel mortgage that noone would refinance and the rates kept going up and my pay was staying the same. I DID NOT initially want to file BK, but wanted to try and do debt consolidation because my thought was if I bought something, I wanted to pay it off. Through a few months of discussions by phone, email and in person, he finally convinced me that the only way to "fix" the overall debt problem was to file and take action. OK, so that was out of the way, now what. Chapter 7 and lose the house, vehicle but be able to start over soon, or Chapter 13, keep the house and vehicle and pay back as much as possible over 54 months. John explained in detail what every option would result in, and what the pros and cons of each one was. Once we selected a plan, we moved forward, and he was there every step of the way, was at every meeting that was required, and really guided me through the entire process of filing in a way that made me feel very confident in him, and that I was doing the right thing. To be honest, I am glad the lawyer can not post customer reviews, because over the next several months as everything was getting rolling, as I took internet classes that were required, went to a quarterly trustee meeting, and just over thought the process, it resulted in countless emails on my part being sent to John asking numerous questions. I have gotten a response each and every time with the answers I needed. Throughout the past 4 years, I have also asked for him to file motions on my behalf as part of my case, and they have always been done and I have always gotten what I needed. I know this is long and drawn out, but I can not stress enough how much I recommend this lawyer. In 2009, the decision on what to do with my house, debt and overall situation had me extremely stressed out because I did not want to file and take the "easy" way out. Well guess what, there is nothing easy about it, at least Chapter 13. You live within a budget, a pretty tight budget actually and pay towards your creditors over a set amount of months. My plan was a 54 month plan and as I write this I have only 3 1/2 to 4 months to go. The end is in sight, and I can honestly say if it was not for how well John handled all of my questions and concerns at the beginning of this process I never would have filed, and I probably would have lost my house by now, and still been burried in debt. I have learned so much these past few years about myself, debt, and how to live a better and healthier life, one without credit cards and vehicle loans, and when I get my discharge towards the end of Decemeber and I get my second lease on financial life, I know who to thank, and that's John.
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Posted by anonymous | August 21, 2013
J. Scott Logan provided great services
Scott was very reassuring when I would call with questions, and would clearly explain steps in my proceedings. He has an accessible demeanor, and a professional attitude. I would recommend him to others with issues in mortgage negotiation.
Posted by anonymous | August 21, 2013
informative and helpful
I found Mr. Logan to be informative and helpful. I had a few options, but most important was keeping my house. I think he did a good job by creating a chapter 13.
Posted by anonymous | August 21, 2013
Great Lawyer!
We worked with Scott as our lawyer and he made a difficult time in our lives easier to deal with. Scott always kept us informed and returned all phone calls/emails in a very timely manner. The first time we met with Scott, he never rushed us and answered all our questions. We had an exceptionally difficult case and we felt he went out of his way to help us through it and spent the extra time with us that we needed. We were very happy to have him as our lawyer
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Posted by Peter J | June 5, 2012
amazing guy and lawyer
He spent 120 hugely important minutes with me teaching me a lot. I love this guy. He is always there for me in a scary time.
Posted by anonymous | November 13, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
I had this attorney for five years & it was a horrific, expensive experience
I first met this attorney on a website after he answered a question. He urged me to come right in as my home was being foreclosed on. I did so and provided the retainer of 1500. which he cashed immediately. He knew I had been served foreclosure papers. He DID NOTHING for six months, knowing that my house had been served foreclosure papers. This is documented. He filed my Ch 13 six months later, and essentially acted as if I was the one in the wrong. I have preserved phone and email records-he didn't call me once between our initial meeting wherein I gave him the info and signed retainer and six months later when he filed. I had called to ask the status and he never returned the calls. I only met twice with him at his office. Each time I sat down with him, whether to file or fill out paperwork, he explained NOTHING and hurriedly put it in front of me for my signature. He did not give me a copy, said he would, and never did, especially of the fee agreement. He had me fill out generic questions & pleadings he filled out were sloppy with general info on property that was borderline inadequate (my residence was described as being in wrong town, and amount owed was filled in as "more or less" and taken from original mortgage). The part that really bothers me is not only did I lose a house, but he did not explain his billing or present me with his actual first bill for 13 months from our initial meeting. I thought it was flat fee but he quickly changed to hourly billing. All told, I spent about 6,500. Watch out for his billing, or lack thereof, and what he says is included in his retainer, because you will be billed for it. We had a meeting with another attorney. He was condescending in front of her, and he was told to apologize for his behavior. If Mr. Logan would like to contest this with Avvo, I will be happy to give Avvo the name of the attorneys involved. In short, he was woefully slow in acting on my foreclosure (who takes six months after you paid them to do anything when a petition has been filed?), billed me a fortune, and I continually had to call him to ask him to get things done. My case almost got dismissed because he neglected to file required paperwork on time (again court record). He filed unnecessary objections to Trustees Motion, which cost me more in legal fees than the money disputed in Motion. I also received copies of emails wherein he ridiculed me with opposing counsel, joking that I was going to "report him to the bar". I know from the details of this review he will know exactly who I am, and all I can state is the truth should be known by prospective clients and I have everything documented. Promises were made that were not kept, filing was delayed six months, pleadings not filed, my emails forwarded to opposing counsel thereby violating atty client privilege, & his bills were presented in a grossly untimely manner (over a year later?) If you want your hand held, or to have anything explained, don't stop here. In fact, he ended up being my largest creditor in the Ch 13, made me feel humiliated, and his actions were both financially and psychologically traumatic. I regret that I must say this about my own attorney but I truly don't want others to go through the financial or emotional pain and ridicule that I did. As stated, I have more than enough proof to substantiate this.
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Posted by anonymous | February 18, 2014
I met with Scott Logan in Oct of 2010 for 30 minutes or less to discuss an ongoing foreclosure matter. Our meeting consisted of discussions around a mortgage company that frequently did business by being difficult to work with and in our opinion with blatant disregard for the law. Scott told me he would write a letter to see if they respond to our complaints. Scott was told about many things we felt were wrong / illegal/ criminal. Some examples of their actions are as follows, selling the note several times (not illegal) but in that process screwed up title to the property in 3 separate transactions. The first of these mistakes came on the same day we signed the mortgage loan, back in 1998 (easy to track / verify). They contacted me during Bankruptcy (Illegal) 3 different times which is easy to verify by date , number and phone records, in an effort to "work out" a forbearance agreement while at the same time advertising a foreclosure auction of the home in the local news paper(bait and switch, it's illegal) . They neglected to send monthly statements several years in a row. They neglected to post payments, accept payments, they charged fees for everything...... on and on and on. They continued to trash my credit score even though they didn't have clear title, or rightfully own the note to foreclose. Scott accepted a retainer of $300 to write a letter and he wrote a letter. Well, really all he wrote was a paragraph on a sheet of paper. I signed a copy of an agreement to the retainer (standard) and he wrote a note to the mortgage company on record. He sent me a copy of that note / letter. That is all he did for $300.00. I never heard from him again. When I called his office several times he never took my call and finally after pleading with the secretary for some help he took my call. He said "they" didn't respond to my / his letter/note, and there was nothing else he could do for me. He is young inexperienced, rude, and overcharges for services that are less than exceptional. I would not recommend him or his firm. If he took a case that was over his head he should have been man enough to say so and return my money. My only consolation is that I wasn't so desperate enough to give him $3000.00. He was totally ineffective as a lawyer!!
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Response from John Logan July 31, 2014
Unfortunately, this person is thinking of a different lawyer. I simply don't charge $3,000 for either foreclosure defense or bankruptcy. I might have accepted a $300 retainer, but cannot tell who this person is. I don't offer loan modification assistance outside the bankruptcy court or foreclosure process, so if we didn't go to court, it wasn't me who was working with this person. I am happy to review the matte and if appropriate, refund the retainer, if this anonymous client identifies him or herself
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  • Boston College Law School
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 2005
  • Bowdoin College
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  • 1999


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  • National Association of Consumer Attorneys
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Bankruptcy and debt Attorney | Mar 27
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Scott is an extremely knowledgeable attorney, who helps to demystify the extremely confusing bankruptcy law. I endorse this lawyer."
Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney | Feb 25
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Attorney Logan was my go to Bankruptcy Attorney in all my Family Law cases. When I had a question or my client needed to see a Bankruptcy Attorney right away, Attorney Logan made the time and went the extra mile for my clients. I was impressed with his ability to simplify the Bankruptcy process, not only to me but to my clients. I would recommend Attorney Logan."
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Portland Chapter 13 bankruptcy Lawyer John Scott Logan
John Scott Logan
Chapter 13 bankruptcy Attorney
Portland, ME
Licensed for 17 years
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