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  • Recommendation For Paul S Neustadt

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    In 2004, I received a notice that I was being evicted from my home in two days. This was a total surprise to me because although I knew that we had issues with our mortgage, my husband assured me that he had everything resolved and that we were "all set". Instead, I found myself and my two children, who were then eight and eleven, homeless. I was lucky enough to find us a place to live but it resulted in me leaving my husband. It would seem that going through that sort of situation would be a nightmare in of itself but what followed in my divorce process was so much more so.
    My divorce process lasted for more that three years with on-going issues to this day. My ex-husband went through four lawyers, one who he directly threatened. My original lawyer was helpful but he resigned when my ex-husband went to his private residence. He became afraid for his family's safety. I was lucky when a friend recommended Paul Neustadt. When I told Paul about all the events that had already occurred: restraining order, no visitations for my children with their father because of his erratic behavior and the fact that he had forged my name on a check from the foreclosure of our home and had taken all of the money for himself without my knowledge, Paul promised to stay with me and to support me to the end.
    Paul has kept his promise. He has also used his expertise as a lawyer, to work out a divorce agreement that was very reasonable given the circumstances. He handled my ex-husband with aplomb and was never flustered by him. He used his knowledge of legal intricacies to limit my ex-husband's ability to manipulate the court process. He found reliable and professional people to help create a supervised visitation option for my children, although my ex-husband could never comply with the expectations. When I had to go to criminal court regarding the forgery of my name and the theft of the monies that belonged to the both of us, Paul was there with me. When there were violations of my restraining order, Paul was with me. Over the course of about four years, I went to criminal courts in Lowell, Cambridge and Framingham. Paul was there with me. He continues to support me today regarding my current restraining order.
    I am so grateful to Paul for all that he did to support me during a very dark period in my life. He listened to my heartbreak and tears and always gave me the truth and the hope to hang on throughout the whole terrible experience. He was reasonable with me regarding financial issues and made my fees very manageable. I am now on the other side of this experience and although I do not often look back, it is easy to make this recommendation for Paul Neustadt because I would never had made it without his support. I would never had been safe without him and my children would not have been so well-adjusted if he did not help me to protect them when they were young and impressionable. I will forever be grateful to Paul.
    I highly recommend Paul to anyone going through a difficult divorce. He is well-versed in divorce law. He knows the court system and has great relationships with the personnel. Paul is always truthful and always explains how situations may pIay out in court- or not. When a person is emotional and stressed, it is helpful to have someone ground you about the realities about how the court system really works. Paul Neustadt is that person and he is a great predictor of outcomes because he researches the law so well and presents the best possible case for his clients. From my perspective, a client couldn't ask for anything more.

  • I Highly Recommend this Attorney for his knowledge of the Law and his caring attitude.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allan

    I hired Attorney Neustadt in 2000. I was a police officer who was served divorce papers and a restraining order. Attorney Neustadt had the RO removed and I received a 'Cruel and Abusive' Divorce Decree against my ex-wife. We shared legal and physical custody of our children. Within 6 weeks of the divorce there were serious issues in the custody arrangement involving my 3 year old triplets. Attorney Neustadt successfully addressed my concerns in court which resulted in me receiving sole legal and physical custody of my children. By 2005, my children reported serious conditions to their Therapist and the Department of Children and Families while on visitation with their mother. Attorney Neustadt handled that matter which resulted in my ex-wife receiving supervised visitation. Attorney Neustadt is sensitive and concerned for my children's well being. He is still involved in my case, he immediately responds when I call him and he periodically checks in on us to ensure everything is okay.

  • Do Not Use

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I used this lawyer for my divorce and after 1 year nothing had happened and I had paid over $22,000.00. This lawyer charges for every email, messages, and phone conversation and is a master at creating paperwork to generate billable hours. I fired him and retained a new lawyer and my case was settled in 3 months. This lawyer purposely caused delays to generate more $$. Do not use him