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Julie R. Hess

Julie Hess’s reviews

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  • "There is no alternative"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C

    I’ve been a client of Julie’s since my divorce in 2011. As I stated before there is no other choice or alternative when I need representation & counsel. Julie recently guided me through a tough custody situation where again she demonstrated her skills as a Class A attorney, may I add “BEST IN CLASS” attorney. As difficult as the case was for me , Julie showed compassion and understanding through the entire process. At times where I was worried, Julie reminded me of the facts and guided me through. Her skills were demonstrated as she worked the case discovering evidence and facts that ultimately brought us to a positive conclusion. Julie is intelligent and is fully versed in family law. Watching Julie in litigation was truly impressive. Because of her skill set and understanding of law, In the end we achieved the exact results we were looking for. Julie and her team are truly amazing for the work they do. Julie and team were always readily available and were there whenever I had questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone faced with any family law concerns. I can’t thank her enough….she is the BEST!!!

    Hired attorney
  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I just finished working with Julie for almost two years now, through a (to put it mildly), very messy divorce. There are many highs and lows throughout the process, but I can honestly say that Julie and her team are the only reason I made it out intact.
    As you can imagine, there are occasions all rationale and logic can leave you. That is when I found the advice and support given by Julie and Matt to be a godsend. I cannot count how my times I would receive a call from one or both of them to check in with me, just to see if I was okay.
    Additionally, I found Julie to be quite insightful. Her ability to weed through the nonsense and get to the heart of the matter at hand to be spot on.
    Example: On occasion, I could rant and rave for 20-30 minutes while she patently listened. When I was finished, she would say (usually in one sentence or less) "So this is what you mean"... my response would be "Exactly".
    I can and will recommend Julie to anyone who needs a incredibly talented and gifted lawyer.

    Brian H

  • Super Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dina

    I must let people know that I finally have found a competent lawyer and would very highly recommended her to anyone. I had been to, and retained many lawyers, and never have I witnessed the smarts and professionalism in a lawyer namely Julie R. Hess. She is a genius. I never felt secure or confident until I met and retained Julie R. Hess, I thank God for her. Julies name should be in lights! No other lawyer that I have ever worked with or witnessed at court or on cases could ever come close to Julie's finesse, knowledge, professionalism, etc. etc. I could never say enough, about all the ways in which Julie R. Hess is truly a real life Perry Mason. I never felt the support or confidence I did with Julie R. Hess, with any other attorney. I had almost given up when i was blessed to meet Julie R. Hess

  • Never a better experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I came to Julie in September of 2010 after being completely beaten by the system. I lost faith in the entire system and its ability to protect children ... then along came Julie. She is kind, dedicated, committed to me and my daughter -- but beyond that she is knowledgeable and strategic in a way I have not seen before. Her writing skills are strong, her problem-solving skills fantastic and her litigation skills beyond her years. I can now sleep at night because I know that I have finally partnered with an attorney I can trust in all ways. She is also very pleasant to work with. She understand the human emotions that go along with these kinds of situations