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Joel Rosen

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  • 15-minute advice session

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

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    I am a small business owner and needed to get a Business related document reviewed by an attorney. I found Attorney Joel Rosen on Avvo's website and signed up for the 15 minute consult. This was my first time trying this service offered by and didn't quite know what to expect - it worked out way better than expected!

    Attorney Rosen called me within 15 minutes of signing up for the consult. He had reviewed the entire document and had an excellent understanding of the subject matter. I asked him several questions and he answered them in detail to my full satisfaction. He offered to provide his comments on the document and the emailed them to me the same day! I was impressed with his professionalism and his straightforward approach. I will certainly be calling up his office for business related legal needs in the future!

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KerryFitzgerald

    While president of the school committee in my city I was sued by a public school administrator after sending what I thought was a private email to other members of the school committee with her name in it. I sent the email because two members said they were going to publicly discuss the performance of a school administrator and I wanted to remind them that would put the city at risk financially. In the email I sited a similar previous case that the city lost. Long story short the email was sent to the press and the person named in the email as winning the previous lawsuit sued me.

    Attorney Rosen was hired by the city to litigate this case. I worked with him extensively. I found him to have all of the traits listed above and more. He was terrific at following up and following through quickly and competently on issues that arose in the case and he sensitively handled calls from the press on my behalf. But above all, I was so impressed when reading transcripts of depositions. I learned that in depositions attorneys must listen closely, analyze testimony and form follow up questions quickly. Attorney Rosen was masterful in his probing and insightful follow up questions and ability to pull information out of the person being deposed. I believe the questions he asked in the deposition were vital to the outcome of the lawsuit.

    In addition, Attorney Rosen kept me informed every step of the way, through the initial lawsuit and the appeals. I highly recommend Attorney Rosen as a bright, hard working and talented attorney.

  • Joel Rosen Saved My Home and My Business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    Two years ago I was served papers to extend a huge judgment past the 20 year expiration. I could see my re-built life going up in flames. One of my best friends recommended Joel Rosen. I have been in business for 44 years and have worked with many, many attorneys along the way... but I have never, ever experienced the level of concern and legal professionalism that Joel Rosen demonstrated. When it turned out that there was also a former partner involved, Attorney Rosen put ego aside and made my former partner's attorney an ally.... and we won!

    Joel Rosen looks at every facet of a legal problem, checks case law and gives clear, concise explanations... but most importantly, he takes the case personally. I am a very lucky guy... because I found an honest, hard working, smart and thorough attorney to work with me. Thank you, Joel Rosen.

  • This attorney helped change the direction and momentum of my life.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    I was getting beaten up by creditors and was feeling very hopeless and defeated. Through a series of events, I came to discuss the situation with Attorney Rosen. By going up against the creditors for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, not only did he stop the phone calls, he won me a financial settlement that helped to stop the negative flow of money and start things moving in the right direction. At that point in life, the respect afforded me by Attorney Rosen along with his successfully advocating for me, was enough to literally turn my life around. Now I have no debt, own my own home, and have good credit again, all thanks to Joel Rosen.

  • If it wasn't Attorney Rosen I would loose my practice for sure.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. Jana S.

    MA Board brought an action against me on superficial charges by a angry patient who simply didn't want to pay for his treatment. Attorney appointed by the insurance company was absolutely clueless how to fight it with the Board. After careful research I came across Attorney J. Rosen. He quickly saw the case to what it is and was able to save my situation. It could've been an end of my professional career but Mr. Rosen saved me. His attention to details, his ability to look at the evidences from a different angle are unprecedented.
    Too bad there is no 3rd option under "Would you recommend this lawyer". I would say "Hell YES"
    Thank you.