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Sean Terrance Carnathan

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  • A Fraudgalent Transer Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Doug

    Without question I would recommend Sean Carnathan as a great Attorney and this is why. This is a must read.

    I went to several different lawyers (before Sean) who told me that because my Dad passed away and left the majority 51% of his Company to my Step Mother that my Sister and I were more or less out of luck and most likely forever in her control. They said there was nothing we could do about it. This was bad news for us because we believed and still do that she was a gold digger. My Sister and I were minority shareholders 49% in the Company. We were asked to leave the Company by my Step Mother only months after my Dads passing. She claimed there wasnt enough money to pay everyone as we believed she was financially draining my Dads Agency. She also claimed things that were false about us and we believed she was slandering our names.

    I called Sean and he reviewed the entire case from start to finish. I told him what all the other Lawyers said and he replied, well i am not them. At this point I was starting to feel a little hope. We had a Lawyer that was listening to us. He noticed from reading the divorce agreement that my Dad was suppost to have life insurance on his life (with my mom as the beneficiary) until June of his 66th birthday. However he died 6 months before that date and there was no life insurance in force for mom.

    Sean also reconized that the estate was insolvent and my Step Mothers Attorneys claimed there wasnt any money to be paid to my mom. All the other Lawyers who I spoke to said the same thing.They said the only substancial assett was the Insurance Agency.

    Then Sean told us if my Dad knew he owed this obligation to my Mom and he knew his death was iminent and still turned over the Agency stock (2 days) before he died to us three then that is a fraudgalent transfer.Another words it was against the law. We had an appraisal on the Agency and discovered the life insurance exceeded that amount therefore my mom was the rightful owner and 100% belong to her if she wanted it. My mom was so excited for us kids (my sister and I) she just couldnt believe it. Sean sat down with my Step Mothers Lawyer and showed him where the problems were with the fraudgalent transfer and how Mom was a creditor of the Estate..Her lawyers reconized they had a MAJOR problem. When all the other lawyers said it couldnt be done....Sean said it could be done and we got it done. Mom has stock in the Agency now and she has already made 3 times what her life insurance claim was. My Sister and I have a great career and were also owners in the business.

    Its amazing that some Lawyers could so poorly advise you. If we had listened to them we would not be here today. We owe it first to God and then to Sean! YES I recoommend him!!! -Doug

  • Competence and professionalism led to a favorable result for me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Corporate client

    I hired Attorney Carnathan to provide counsel in an out-of-state LLC ownership dispute and my experience with him was exceptional. His knowledge of corporate law, ability to effectively negotiate, and his realistic advice on the probable outcome of the dispute was invaluable throughout the process and probably saved me months of needless wrangling and attorney fees. He promptly answered all telephone calls and emails and provided all necessary documentation to the court and opposing counsel in a timely manner. Although litigation is never a pleasant experience, Attorney Carnathan’s competence and professionalism led to a favorable result for me. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires representation in litigation involving complex corporate law, both in MA and elsewhere.