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Carole Tedesco’s reviews

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  • Unrelliable and misleading and not trust worthy lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by Chantal

    She was hired by my non profit school to protect it and she did not even know that the school's purpose was to teach French to young children.
    She wrote the contract to make me liable for the expense and then violated the contract by going over the $2000 voted by the board for the defense budget: this was written in the contract. She sent the bill 6 months later for $6000: she only did one appearance and never returned any of my calls. She then repossed 2 cars: one I own and then the other one I did not own: she let it sit for 2 months in storage and the person she use to take it lied and told the storage it wa because I didn 't pay my monthly payment.

  • the lawyer from hell

    1.0 star

    Posted by chantal

    I hired this attorney to represent my non profit daycare in 2002: she lied to me by writing the contract in my personal name instead as my position in the daycare. She did not remember why I hired her for the meeting we had scheduled with OCCS and gave erroneous information: I had to correct her, she failed to tell me when I asked her every month how much money she was billing my non profit daycare. Six months after I hired her she finally sent me a bill that was 3 times the price I had told her the daycare could afford. She then sued me personally for the money eventhough the contract stated that she was to represent the daycare and not me. She lied in court when I tried to state the problem to the judge. She used aggressive technique and lingo to make my daycare look bad and she put me down. She managed to get an execution and she placed a lien on my home. Then she took my car using constance Sorenson in december 2012 and then took my next car last week: I have a loan for the car and I don't own it. She sold the first one for 3000$ but wrote that she only go 1500. I am still waiting to see how much she will try to sell the second car for.