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Michael J Tremblay

Michael Tremblay’s reviews

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  • Saved my home after foreclosure, when other lawyers told me it was hopeless.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carmen

    If you feel your situation is hopeless and you’ve done everything else you can think of, Mike is the lawyer you need. Four years ago I found myself in the middle of a foreclosure. I was told by other lawyers that the situation was hopeless, but if anyone could help me, it would be Mike Tremblay. So I made an appointment for a free consultation to discuss my situation with him. He followed up, as promised, by performing extensive research in which he discovered that the bank attempting to foreclose did not have clear title to my mortgage. He advised me to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in order to attempt to save my home. This was during the time that faulty mortgage assignments and the robo-signing scandal was just coming to light. Mike did a lot of legal research and put the fear of God into the mortgage holder. As a result of his tenacity, the case was settled, I was able to sell my condo for the current market value, paid off all my debt, and the bankruptcy case will be closed in another month and I am able to get on with my life. Mike and his staff worked tirelessly on my behalf. He worked for four years without being paid, except the small retainer I could afford. He waited until the condo was sold and I was able to pay his fee with the proceeds. Mike is great to work with – he was sensitive to my situation, and honest about the possible outcomes. He relentlessly pursued every possibility for success. In talking with other lawyers, I have learned that Mike is very highly respected for his knowledge of the law, his ability to do research and write briefs, and be a vigorous advocate in court. I went from being hopeless and overwhelmed to a whole new start in life.

  • Accepted Text Messages/Phone Calls from his Teen-Age Daughter During Fee Agt. w/Domestic Violence Client

    1.0 star

    Posted by Anne

    Having first appointment with this attorney with the attempts to mediate a few years prior, I returned to him desperate, as he was convenient, and I wanted someone who had some bankruptcy experience, along with family law. Little did I know that he made promises that he could not keep---1. He promised to file for divorce the first week, but instead had a golf trip planned. 2. He ignored emails about post-op ER visits, via ambulance, from a serious surgery, and did not recognize the criminal neglect for this psychologically-battered long-term wife, who had seizures, and was unable to drive during initial months. 3. He wanted me to proofread my legal documents under medications, and 4. his own paralegal was unable to effectively give him messages. 5. At one point, he did not respond to emails thats contained spouse's verbally-abusive text messages, and 6. He finally wanted to send a bill, but was unable to find my address when it had been forwarded to an disclosed address to him. 7. He even had a separate cell phone number in which to reach me, and knew I was taking a much needed trip to escape this spouse, with a corporation to value. 8. He held up my files and my right to counsel, and switched docket dates on me, without even consulting me, when I was starving and going to food pantries and needed alimony. 9. He had an out-of-date website, and another office in Worcester County so he could move on and not have his reputation sullied in Marlborough. 10. Blocked all emails and finally, I said two words in email to his paralegal: BAR ASSOCIATION to save other unsuspecting clients from his inability to refuse a client and move on---when there are other lawyers that would have had the sensitivity-training and people skills. 11. He may be "financial", but customer service is not his strong suit, and he continued to bill me, even after I fired him.

  • Professional Integrity, Knowledge and Effectiveness

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edward

    Michael Tremblay has been handling legally related financial issues for me for three years. One thing (among many) that has always impressed me about Michael Tremblay is how much knowledge he has of CURRENT legal trends.
    He invests a tremendous amount of time in reading, studying and processing many legal issues, judgments, articles.

    Not only does this take effort and commitment, but he knows how to APPLY the knowledge directly.

    I have great admiration, appreciation and respect for his expertise gained through such effort.
    It's refreshing to know someone who has the level of professional integrity that Mike Tremblay has.