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Gregory Hession’s reviews

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  • Family Court Pre-trail

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AND HIRE ATTORNEY GREGORY HESSION LIKE I DID. Everything the last reviewer stated about attorney Gregory Hession was exactly what attorney Gregory Hession did to me. Not only did Attorney Gregory Hession cannot defend/help me in my case, he also charged & maxed out my credit card for just 1 pretrial, promising me to credit back my credit card but only return half of what he took. Attorney Gregory Hession could not speak more then one sentence and just stood still while the other lawyer shut him down. I had to fire Attorney Hession during one of my pre-trail in court asking the judge to withdraw him from my case as I defend for myself. Attorney Gregory Hession has a website stating how corrupt the justice system is while he is taking advantage of me during my most vulnerable time because I do not know the laws by sucking out as much money as he can. Everything I discuss with Attorney Gregory Hession before the pre trail, he did not remember to mention in court and stated "I did what I could" which was nothing but stating one sentence "it will not happen again" What??? Attorney Gregory Hession is a con man that will tell you everything you want to hear but deliver nothing for you in the court room. Attorney Gregory Hession does agree with the other lawyer/party and accuse you the person he is supposed to defend even though the other party are lying and attorney Greg Hession has solid proof right in front of him. I would not even rate him 1 star, if there is a negative # i would choose that.

    Hired attorney
  • Lost Cowboy

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Appeals client

    Attorney Hession represented me in an appeal and complaint of contempt. In both cases he has the law and facts on his side. In both cases he failed to achieve the stated objectives of the litigation.

    He gave a lot of assurance and insisted on his way. He refused to recognize my concerns or protect against obvious hazards. As a result his year and a half tenure was my counsel was constantly pocked with legal disaster that was preventable with a little care and diligence. Curiously he tended to blame me for the failures. Most discussions were littered with a sort of diatribe about how he was doing a great job. In the end he flatly refused to follow my instructions and made representations that were later found to be untrue.

    He agreed to share what he learned from opposing counsel in his many lengthily multiple hour sessions. He failed to share more than how he felt the court was corrupt and a few comments about how opposing counsel and his client were crazy.

    He could have exposed all sorts of abuse and judicial misconduct. Instead he joined the ranks of the ranks of the "highly irregular legal practitioners".