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Manuel Alzamora Juarez

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  • Can I break my lease if we are having inhabitable issues in our house ?

    Manuel’s Answer

    Tenants in California have rights. These rights are protected by Civil Code Sections 1941 and 1942. Tenants are entitled to live in a danger free house or apartment. The law provide recovery for violations of the Warranty of Habitability. If you are a tenant who is having trouble with your landlord regarding the uninhabitable conditions of your dwelling, you should know that you are entitled to a working heater, functioning plumbing, good wiring and a house free of rodents and insects. If you suffer of any of the below issues, please call AN ATTORNEY TO HELP YOU WITH THIS MATTER. It is important that you keep records of your notification to your landlord and take pictures and videos of all your house or apartment problems. Best of luck.

  • My landlord wants me to park on unsafe street for a week so property can be repaved, is that legal?

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  • My landlord says a sheriff is going to evict us because it's been 30 days since filing of the eviction paperwork

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    Normally, your landlord has to give you notice of the eviction filing. You get five days to answer and then the court tells you when you have to go to the hearing. If you do not go to the hearing, then the Court may find against you. Only then, the court may order an eviction. It is not automatic just like your landlord wishes it was. Once the sheriff gets the eviction papers, an officer will serve you with Notice that they will come at a certain date and then you better go or all your valuables will be put out in the street. You have one option to stop the eviction and for that you should hire a lawyer to file a temporary delay, but that is the last resort. You will eventually have to leave the apartment after that short delay. Best of luck.

  • Damaged motorbike in paid private parking lot

    Manuel’s Answer

    Negotiate with your insurance for the commercial value of your bike and then ask them if you can buy the bike from them. If they agree, then you can fix the bike yourself. Best of luck.

  • Can I sue my landlord from another state?

    Manuel’s Answer

    Yes, you can sue from another State but you have to hire an in state lawyer to file and litigate your case. If you hire a lawyer in your new state, this lawyer may come to court with you prior permission of the State Court where you are litigating your landlord-tenant case. You will be paying double for your case. if the lawyer of your new state has a dual license with the old state, then he can litigate your case without any problem, Best of luck.

  • What should the apartment complex should do about this?

    Manuel’s Answer

    You need to contact the management in writing and also call the City Inspector to red tag the elevator. If it is malfunctioning there is the possibility of someone being harmed as a result of the lack of maintenance. Avoid any future harm and file a complaint . You could ask the landlord to reimburse you for your lost wages. If he does not, take him to small claims court. Best of luck.

  • My car was totaled where another driver was at fault. What could I do ?

    Manuel’s Answer

    You should hire a lawyer in your city to sue the true owner of the car. Whether the insurance company will cover him or not will not be discovered until a lawsuit is filed. Best of luck.

  • wrongful death Black mold Landlord breach of implied warranty Hospital negligence

    Manuel’s Answer

    Your case is very sad, unfortunately there is so much information you have not provided. For instance, did your father suffer of any respiratory illness before moving to the complex. You can find this by reading his medical records. Also why did he continue at the same apartment after finding he had a myco toxin issue? The Statute of Limitations in a personal injury claim in California is two years from the discovery of the injury. If you did not file a lawsuit against the landlords prior to November 2016, you may have missed the Statute of limitations.

    Additionally, sometime before 12/19/15, your father went to the hospital and there he got a flu shot because they were told of his respiratory infection. The hospital acted in good faith, so I do not see a case there, unless you want to argue medical malpractice for sending him home without a respirator or something like it or your theory that the overdoses was the effect of his death. If you argue that the overdoses killed your father, then you may need to find out if the hospital he got treated id a county or state hospital, in that case you have six months to file a claim against the hospital in order to protect you claim. I recommend you get together with an attorney in your city and discuss these issues right away. Best of luck and again, sorry for your loss.

  • Can I sue for wrong full death against the man and land owner of the property and the brother

    Manuel’s Answer

    First of all, I am sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I feel for this terrible incident and I can only imagine the pain you may be having.

    As a California lawyer, who has dealt with difficult wrongful death cases, I must tell you that there are not sufficient facts to make a determination on your case. First, we need to find the status of your husband at the property. What was he doing at the farm? Was he a visitor? A trespasser,? A potential buyer? was he at the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Some of these questions are just a few of the questions that any lawyer would lkike to have answers to. Please do not discuss these answers in this website. Call a wrongful death attorney in your neighborhood and discuss your case with him.

    In order to file a lawsuit for wrongful death

  • What can I do to get the other driver's insurance company to respond to my claim?ARCHIVED

    Manuel’s Answer

    No. You cannot sue the insurance company because you do not have a contractual relationship with the other driver's insurance company. You need to sue the driver directly. Best of luck