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  • Would it be a bad idea to write a letter to the judge and/or DA asking for lienecy on probation violation ?

    Robert’s Answer

    Yes, it would be a terrible idea. You need a lawyer, someone in Ellis County who knows how the judge and PO are going to react if you don't agree to what the PO wants. So whoever you hire should have some history working with those parties, and with probationers in Ellis who have faced SAFP before.

    I was going to explain why the letter is a terrible idea, but I want you to focus on getting an attorney, not trying to figure out why it's not the best way forward.

  • What can be done about a neighbor causing problems?

    Robert’s Answer

    I'm not sure there is a legal remedy in this situation. Nosey neighbors have the right to view your property from their property and to complain to the HOA about violations. I know this is not the answer you were hoping for. Your best move might be to ensure your fence complies with the HOA rules.

  • If I was charged without sexual assault and impeding breath then bond out and report will they issue a blue warrant?

    Robert’s Answer

    Yes. It is almost certain that a blue warrant will be issued in this scenario. You should hire a lawyer that can help you with the new charges immediately. Given your criminal history, you could be facing life in prison depending on how many pen trips you've had, prior felony convictions, and the sexual assault charge you mentioned.

  • How long does it normally take your probation officer to file a MTR? Do they always file a mtr?

    Robert’s Answer

    They always file one if you are arrested for a new offense, the only chance they wouldn't is if they forgot somehow. You can look up Kaufman County cases online to check for revocation motions. Just google Kaufman County judicial records to see if an MTR has been filed. The timetable depends on which PO you have and how busy they are. Generally, on a new arrest, it's just a few weeks at most.

  • Can I leave the state to avoid being arrested for a misdemeanor assault causes bodily injury probation revocation?

    Robert’s Answer

    If this is in Kaufman County call and hire a local lawyer. We've handled a lot of revocations and family law cases. We have lawyers who might be able to give you some options besides running from a warrant. That won't solve anything. Lots of lawyers in Kaufman County offer free consultations.

  • How do I ask for Judicial Clemency?

    Robert’s Answer

    You need to file a motion under CCP 42A.701.

  • Will I be arrested for having a warrant when I go to the police station to file charges on my ex husbands son?

    Robert’s Answer

    They could arrest you, it's up to them. The best way to proceed is to hire a lawyer to fix the warrant and help with the ticket.

  • Will i face potential jail time for marihuana use before my probation started?

    Robert’s Answer

    1. Stop smoking weed immediately. 2. Ask your lawyer how your county probation office handles failing the first drug test. 3. Ask your lawyer if you can reset the case to give you some time to get the weed out of your system.

    Locally, in the counties I practice in, failing the first drug test doesn't lead to revocation, since you weren't technically on probation when you used the drugs. Instead, failing the first drug test means you have to take additional classes or go to rehab as part of probation.

  • Wondering if a bail is posted for traffic warrants and he has to wait on another county could he get those days credited?

    Robert’s Answer

    I don't know any local ticket attorneys that charge $25 or $50. You might find someone out of Dallas that has a very high-volume ticket practice. Kaufman ticket courts usually take a long time to handle cases so there isn't a way to handle them for $50 and stay in business as a ticket lawyer.

    Can he get time served on the tickets? Maybe. It really depends on which court and how many charges he has. Ticket courts want fine money more than time. But he'd have to work that out with the prosecutor in each court.

  • How much is a legal seperation & time frame of getting one

    Robert’s Answer

    Texas doesn't offer a legal separation. You should meet with a divorce lawyer to discuss what your options are. You might consider a post-nuptial agreement that would define what your separate property is. Otherwise, any property you purchase during the marriage will be considered community property.