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Dale Has 9 Attorneys With 10 Reviews

Joy N. Sisler

Wolf River Lawyers, S.C.
W9681 State Hwy 96, P.O. Box 200, Dale, WI
8 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.9
Licensed for 10 years
Originally from the tiny town of Silver Cliff in Northeast Wisconsin, I graduated from Wabeno Area High School, home of the Logrollers, in 2006. I then earned an Associates Degree from UW-Fox Valley in 2008. I graduated in 2010 from UW-Green Bay w...

Keith Ambrose Steckbauer

Steckbauer Law, S.C.
W9681 State Rd 96, PO Box 200, Dale, WI
1 review Avvo Rating: 7.1
Licensed for 31 years
Keith Steckbauer is one of your local Family Lawyers. He is nearby to assist in your regular legal problems and challenges. He is also your source for referals to specialists. Since 1993 Keith has worked in the local courts, (Outagamie, Waupaca, W...


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Earl J. Luaders III

Wolf River Lawyers Sc
W9681state Rd 96, Po Box 200, Dale, WI
1 review
Licensed for 44 years
Review: After confronting this attorney about a number of errors made by him and his incompetent staff I had to hire another attorney when Luaders withdrew admitting he couldn't communicate. Payments were lost by his staff, motions contained errors, he o...

Sarah Jane Simonson

Wolf River Lawyers Sc
W9681state Rd 96, Po Box 200, Dale, WI
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 10 years

Thomas J. Brunner

Attorney near Dale (Wausau)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 30 years

Robert E. Sorenson

Attorney near Dale (Hortonville)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 47 years

Rene L'Esperance

Attorney near Dale (Hortonville)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.3
Licensed for 12 years

Joan Frances Huzzar

Attorney near Dale (Hortonville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 29 years

Robert J. Smead

Attorney near Dale (Larsen)
Not yet reviewed Attention
Licensed for 25 years

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