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Estate Planning
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Evington Has 3 Attorneys With 2 Reviews

Lydia Myers

Life Planning Legal Solutions, PLLC
P.O. Box 32, Evington, VA
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.6
Licensed for 7 years
I am the managing attorney of Life Planning Legal Solutions, PLLC, a Lynchburg, Virginia law firm focused entirely on estate planning. Regardless of your stage in life, I can guide you through the oft-confusing maze of financial and legal decision...

Aubrey Rebecca Lesher

147 Turning Point Dr, Evington, VA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 18 years


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Sarah Jean Manwarren

Evington, VA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 11 years

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Mark Beckner Dunevant

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Attorney near Evington (Lynchburg)
31 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 15 years
Providing dedicated legal services for full range of civil and family law matters.
Practice area 35% Divorce & Separation, 25% Child Custody, 25% Family and more
License VA, Active since 2008

Allen David Hawkins

Attorney near Evington (Rustburg)
14 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 51 years
Review: Mr Hawkins handled an accident case for my husband. Mr Hawkins and his assistant Michelle have been wonderful to work with. They were always very prompt and professional with any questions or emails that we sent. Mr Hawkins was very personable whi...
Practice area 70% Personal Injury, 20% Litigation, 10% General Practice
Cost Hourly Rates,  $325 per hour  • Contingency,  33%-33%  • Retainer,  Sometimes
License VA, Active since 1972

Frank Austin Wright

Attorney near Evington (Rustburg)
10 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 26 years
Frank was born and raised in Campbell County. He graduated from Rustburg High School in 1989. Frank graduated from Harvard Universityin 1993 magna cum laude where he was on Varsity Crew and he graduated from theUniversity of Virginia School Of Law...

Frank West Morrison

Attorney near Evington (Rustburg)
4 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.9
Licensed for 53 years
Mr. Morrison is an effective and successful trial attorney with decades of practice focused exclusively on divorce, family, mediation, and collaboration. His philosophy, which he practices and espouses to the legal community, is that court is a la...

Samuel Franklin Vance

Attorney near Evington (Rustburg)
1 review Avvo Rating: 8.2
Licensed for 24 years
Sam Vance was born in New York, New York but he grew up in Roanoke,Virginia. Sam graduated from Duke University in 1992 with a degree in Public Policy Studies. Sam then graduated in 1999 from William and Mary School of Law and he was admitted to t...

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