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Mcmurray Has 498 Attorneys With 132 Reviews

Leigh Ann Lyons

Lyons Law
4150 Washington Road, Suite 201, Mcmurray, PA
7 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.0
Licensed for 13 years
I work for a small, general practice firm in Washington County, PA called Lyons Law. We practice in Allegheny County as well. We label ourselves as a general practice, and do almost any type of law. I have specialized in family law for 8 years now...

Joseph Michael Zupancic

Joseph M. Zupancic, P.C.
PO Box 1331, McMurray, PA
4 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.0
Licensed for 29 years
Attorney Joe Zupancic has been practicing law in the southwestern portion of Pennsylvania for the past 22 years. His firm of Joseph M. Zupancic, PC. has been engaged in the general practice of law since 2000. At the firm, Joe handles most types of...


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Ashley Nicole Gottron

3025 Washington Road, Suite 100, McMurray, PA
11 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.3
Licensed for 10 years
Review: I can not say enough about how wonderful Ashley is. I went through a very rough divorce. If it wasn’t for Ashley there were times I would have lost my mind. Ashley was always available for me whenever I needed to talk or had questions. I highly re...

Rebecca Anne Bowman

National Society of Professional Engineers
114 Aston Ct, Mcmurray, PA
1 review
Licensed for 37 years
Review: Great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and resourceful. We turn to Becky for all our legal needs.

Beth Anne Jackson

Beth Anne Jackson Esq. LLC
4050 Washington Rd Ste 3N, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 8.9
Licensed for 26 years
I assist hospitals, physicians and licensed health care practitioners, ambulatory surgery centers, other health care providers and their business associates in meeting their business goals while maintaining compliance with the complex regulatory f...

John Howard Iannucci

Attorney near Mcmurray (Fort Myers)
1 review
Licensed for 40 years
Review: John is an expert in wealth transfer planning and the use of sophisticated life insurance strategies. While working directly with several life insurance companies, my legal counsel made inquiries as to Attorney Iannucci's experience and expertise...

Erin W. Dickerson

Law Offices of Erin W. Dickerson
P.O. Box 1502, McMurray, PA
4 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.7
Licensed for 22 years
Review: Erin represented a relative of mine a few years back. She was very honest with her (us) about what could be expected, speaking in terms that were easy for those of us without her background to understand. She's tough, but compassionate, and a hard...

Peter A. Smith

Smith & Smith
103 Scarborough Ln, Mcmurray, PA
1 review
Licensed for 50 years
Review: Peter handled my father's estate and did so in a timely manner, keeping me well informed through each and every step. He worked with Dad's accountant to clear up all the loose ends and closed probate in a timely manner. He was kind and efficient...

Carl Bernard Zacharia

111 W Mcmurray Rd, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 7.8
Licensed for 30 years

Kari Ann Baumgart

3935 Washington Rd Unit 1466, Mcmurray, PA
10 reviews
Licensed for 19 years
Review: Represented me in a harassment case against a global company. I was part of a group of clients and all clients received award in arbitration. Very busy attorney . Very busy! But truly cares about her clients of all levels

John W Chapas II

102 Taper Dr, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 27 years

Meredith Odato Graham

132 Sherwood Dr, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 12 years

Kathryn Lee Clark

343 Stonebrook Dr, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 26 years

Robert V Racunas

Racunas Law LLC
501 Valley Brook Road, Suite 211, McMurray, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 7.3
Licensed for 27 years

Kevin Charles Abbott

Law Office O Kevin C. Abbott
812 Crossbow Ct, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 42 years

Lisa V. Grazan

120 Marion Dr, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 34 years

Thomas G. Lemons

Thomas G. Lemons Law Offices
Po Box 1482, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 49 years

William A Congelio

Po Box 1011, Mcmurray, PA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 19 years

Mary Drake Korsmeyer

Attorney near Mcmurray (Waynesburg)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 45 years

Marcella L Dickey

Attorney near Mcmurray (Canonsburg)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 35 years

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