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A. J. Balbo

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
34 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.2
Licensed for 22 years
I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. I attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and was a member of Army ROTC and Gamma Phi fraternity. After graduation and commissioning as a second lieutenant, I attended Ford...

John Erling Pytte

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.0
Licensed for 28 years
Your Georgia Debt Relief Specialist - Call Today (912) 421-2187
Practice area 48% Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, 40% Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, 5% Bankruptcy & Debt and more
Cost Free Consultation Some lawyers offer a free consultation to help determine whether their services are right for your legal needs 60 minutes
License GA, Active since 1995


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Katie Andrews Smith

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
1 review Avvo Rating: 7.8
Licensed for 14 years
The accomplishments and achievements attained by Ms. Katie A. Smith, Esq., in the field of Legal Services, warrants inclusion into The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. Phillips & Kitchings offers experienced, results-oriented, personalized counsel ...

Mary Nichole Davis

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
11 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.6
Licensed for 8 years
Born and raised in Hinesville, Georgia, Nichole Davis is a graduate of Brewton Parker College. Following her undergraduate career, Nichole then earned her Juris Doctor degree from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. During law ...

Benjamin Parker O'Neal

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.0
Licensed for 12 years
Review: I was very impressed with Mr. O'Neal when he represented me regarding a car accident. When we spoke on the telephone he listened to me and answered my questions so that I could understand. I thank him very much for representing me.

Shari Lee Smith

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 38 years
Review: What a remarkable Law Office! My family and I are much better after working with the Firm. They encourage you to be proactive in your case. It is vital to provide anything viable to your case. In short. I would prefer not to be on the other side o...

Maite Sarina Kollmann

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.6
Licensed for 12 years
Review: Attorney Kollmann is very effective and accurate. She easily made us feel comfortable and ensured that we understood everything that we wanted to accomplish. I cannot recommend a better attorney. Her background is impressive and it comes through i...

Reginald Charles Martin

Attorney near Allenhurst (Savannah)
1 review
Licensed for 19 years
Review: Mr. Martin represented my son in his case, and the outcome was great. Mr. Martin is a trustworthy attorney. I would recommend him.

H. Craig Stafford

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
1 review
Licensed for 30 years
Review: Mr. Stafford is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. During a difficult and emotional time, he walked me through the steps of seeking a legal remedy for an unimaginable turn of life events. He was very accessible throughout my case and took a very...

Robert F. Pirkle

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
20 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 39 years
The trusted legal representation that you both need and deserve in Costal Georgia can be found at The Pirkle Firm. Backed by more than three decades of legal experience and a number of notable, decisive victories won in the Supreme Court, Attorney...

John E. Pirkle

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
10 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 49 years
Review: Experience, friendly staff and reliable law firm! They have helped me with multiple cases. Best around for Divorce or Criminal!!

Chestley Nathaniel Merritt Jr.

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
1 review
Licensed for 9 years
Review: Mr. Merritt made everything easy and quick and got me out early because of my mothers immune system being very low. Thank you so much!

Sandra Dutton

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
1 review
Licensed for 24 years
Review: Very informed and quite sagacious. I've never felt so confident and secure talking to her. I'm so happy that I met her!

Joelyn W. Pirkle

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 18 years
Review: I was very satisfied with Joelyn W Pirkle She was really a great lawyer. She took her time and made sure I was able to understand everything. She broke things down for me and made the process very simple. I highly recommend Joelyn W Pirkle.

Andrew Scott Johnson

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.9
Licensed for 17 years
Review: Mr. Johnson is always professional and courteous with every interaction. He is meticulous to detail and extremely knowledgeable in his profession.

Malcolm George Schaefer

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 27 years

James N. Osteen

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 61 years

Jeffery L. Arnold

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 47 years

James Noel Osteen Jr.

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 29 years

Kenneth D. Pangburn

Attorney near Allenhurst (Hinesville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 52 years

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