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Mary Chan was truly "awesome" while working on my case. Not only did she take the time to listen attentively... more
Buffalo  Mary C. Chan

Mary Chan

Buffalo, NY Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating No concern
Joseph is a true professional, His work ethic on cases goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every... more
Buffalo  Joseph L. Nicastro

Joseph Nicastro

Buffalo, NY Personal Injury
Avvo rating 5.2
My friend and I called Mr. Saraceno when our daughters where caught shoplifting! It was a stressful time for... more
Buffalo  Dominic H. Saraceno

Dominic Saraceno

Buffalo, NY Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.2
Kelly was wonderful during this whole process with me, she explained the law and followed it. Shes a... more
Buffalo  Kelly A. Feron

Kelly Feron

Buffalo, NY Child Custody
Avvo rating 6.5
With his legal expertise, Mr. Kuzma has done what others have not been able to achieve for me and my family... more
Buffalo  Michael Kuzma

Michael Kuzma

Buffalo, NY Speeding & Traffic Ticket
Avvo rating 8.2
I was recently sued, this had never happened to me before. I had no idea what I was to do or what was... more
Buffalo  Joseph L. Nicastro

Joseph Nicastro

Buffalo, NY Personal Injury
Avvo rating 5.2
When the divorce ended and things calmed down, my ex-wife and I both agreed that Cate Marra was the absolute... more
Buffalo  Catherine Elizabeth Marra

Catherine Marra

Buffalo, NY Child Custody
Avvo rating 6.5
I was involved in a car accident in which I was rear ended. Thankfully I was not critically injured, just a... more
Buffalo  Howard B. Cohen

Howard Cohen

Buffalo, NY Car Accidents
Avvo rating 10.0


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In 1881, Buffalo was the first city in the United States to deploy electric streetlights, giving it the nickname "City of Light."

A few short years later, the immense power of nearby Niagara Falls was harnessed as a hydroelectric plant. Buffalo benefited from what was, at the time, one of the largest power sources in the world.

Buffalo began making widespread use of electricity in the years that followed. To this day, Niagara Falls is still the largest electricity producer in the state of New York.

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