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Mark S Guralnick

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  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by R Bodine


    Mark S. Guralnick defended me in a case in which my ex-wife was trying to recover support that was desperately needed to keep our son in college. After he initially met with us, he carefully outlined a plan for the materials which we would need to gather to win our motion in court. We gathered the necessary materials while Mr. Guralnick researched the law. His office staff was extremely thorough in tracking down every piece of useful evidence that could assist us in winning our case. When we got the court, the judge ruled 100% in my favor.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Deirdre Aldridge

    abusive marriage

    Mark Gualnick did an outstanding job in enabling me to get out of my physically and mentally abuse marriage.
    He is an excellent and outstanding lawyer. During our first meeting together, he was the first attorney who gave me tissue's for my tears. I knew he was the attorney I needed. He is extremely smart, and kind. I would recommend him highly.
    Deirdre A.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan C.


    I was referred to the Mark S. Guralnick after the father of my children abruptly walked out on us. My situation, at that time, was complex as I was a newly single mother of two young children and completing my senior year of college. I retained Mr. Guralnick to help me obtain full custody of our children and to secure New Jersey as the home state of the children. The father had moved to Pennsylvania and I feared he would try to take the kids there. I wanted a lawyer to lock in New Jersey as the state with jurisdiction, and to set up a visitation schedule that would not interfere with my schooling and with my children’s care.

    Unlike many other law firms, Mr. Guralnick cultivated the resources of many different experts, and he worked diligently on my case by interviewing friends, family members and co-workers. Mr. Guralnick had put a substantial amount of time and effort into my case. In the beginning, I was planning to go to trial over the custody issues, but in the end, I decided that it would be in the best interest of everybody involved to keep this out of court. I must say, looking back, that the tireless efforts by Mr. Guralnick and his staff is what made this case so easy to settle. We had so much solid evidence, so many exhibits, so much documentation – we were so ready to take it to court – that we were in a position of great strength to negotiate to the best possible settlement for me and my children.

    Mr. Guralnick drew up a Settlement Agreement that met the needs of the children, myself and their father. He then set up an informal settlement conference between the father and me, in which Mr. Guralnick reviewed and explained the Settlement Agreement to both of us, allowing us to make changes and helped us work through topics that we previously could not agree upon. In the end we both signed the Agreement, and it was filed with the Court and it has been in effect ever since. I am grateful for all the time and effort that Mr. Guralnick put into my case, and I could not be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Mr. Guralnick, especially in any cases involving family law, divorce and child custody. He knows how to deal with these issues patiently and strategically.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Retained for Child Support Modification

    I retained this attorney's services in January 2012 for a child support modification hearing scheduled in PA on January 19, 2012. Mr. Guralnick was referred to me by the Bucks County Bar Association in PA. Mr. Guralnick sent me a contract to sign and I paid a $2500 retainer fee upfront.
    My first communication from his firm was not by him, but by one of his associates, a Mr. Terrence Annese /Esquire who called to inform me the conference was rescheduled to March 2, 2012. No further communication during this period other than this information.
    On March 2, 2012, I waited all day for the conference call that never came. When I called the firm to find out what happened, Mr Annese informed me my ex had withdrawn her motion to modify and it was cancelled. I was never notified of this by his firm.
    I instructed Mr. Annese to get the case rescheduled and he said he'd call me back that day. 3 weeks went by with no call back. In the 4th week, I called Mr. Annese and was advised by his secretary that he was no longer with the firm! I was shocked no one from Guralnick's firm notified me of this by phone, email or correspondence! I asked who was representing my case and the secretary advised she didn't know but would have Mr. Guralnick call me back. A week passed with no response. I made daily attempts to contact the office with no success. Finally in week two, I spoke with Mr. Guralnick who told me "not to worry" that he was going to file the remodification I requested Mr. Annese to do, but then he said he could not find the paperwork relating to my case!
    He asked if I could send everything again and when he received it he would email me the remodification paperwork by the end of the week that I would need to complete and return in order for him to file it with the court. I faxed the paperwork the following day, however, I did not receive the paperwork Mr. Guralnick said he'd send by the end of the week. I called the office continually the following week with NO response, and called every day the week after that, again, NO response. Everytime I called I was informed Mr. Guralnick was out of the office or unavailable.
    My final call to his office was when I was told again (after 3 weeks!) that Mr. Guralnick was still unavailable or out of the office and informed the secretary I had enough and no longer wanted Mr. Guralnick or anyone in his firm to represent me, he was fired, and to return my retainer. Interesting, TEN MINUTES after that call, the secretary called me back to advise that those documents would be sent to me by the end of the week. I told her "NO THANKS!" and to just send my retainer back. That was the last communication I had with that office and to date have not received any type of refund from Mr. Guralnick. I paid $2500 for gross negligence but my efforts will continue to recoop those funds through whatever means are necessary starting with the Disciplinary Board. I highly discourage anyone from using this attorney for any legal matter. Very frustrating - and in my opinion, highly unethical practice.

    Mark S Guralnick’s response: “We do not know any such fact scenario, and I believe the person posting this information is mistaken either as to my identity or as to the circumstances. We do know of a client in Bucks County, for whom we requested a $2,500 retainer (with a somewhat different factual scenario). That client repeatedly missed appointments and phone calls, and when we prepared motion papers for his signature, he failed to sign them, advising us that he had moved out of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Personal Injury client


    I hired Mr. Guralnick in January of 2011 to represent me in a "slip and fall " injury case. I was told at the time it would take a while for this case to settle. However I was not told that my phone calls would be ignored or that I would have to be pushed off. Mr. Guralnick's secretaries and assistants hear from me every week , but I nevr hear from Mr. Guralnick. My case has not settled yet, but I guess it would not settle if the attorney hired will not try to call the party being sued or demand some kind of response. WHATEVER YOU DO , DO NOT HIRE THIS ATTORNEY

    Mark S Guralnick’s response: “Every client is provided with my personal email address, my cell phone number, and our toll-free number. This information appears in our retainer agreements as well. If somebody is calling us every week, and if his/her case "has not settled yet," calling us frequently is not going to make the case go faster. Unfortunately, we take a regular beating from clients who don't appreciate how slowly the system works. The court system is terribly backlogged, and in this troubling economy, insurance companies are increasingly reluctant to tender settlements the way they used to. My toll-free number is 1-866-337-2900. If this client wishes to identify himself/herself and call our office, he or she can set up a phone conference, a face-to-face appointment, or get my cell phone and call me directly -- just like everybody else does.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Deborah

    Restraining order disappointment

    I am a victim of domestic abuse and in my time of crisis I hired Mark Guralnick, whom I found in the lawyer referral service. He seemed knowledgeable and we needed to be in court in a few days. He did not properly prepare me for what was to happen in court. I was not advised of what to say and not to say and what really mattered in my case. He did not properly cross-examine my husband who was brought in from the jail due to violating the restraining order. He allowed my husband to ramble on and on so that everyone lost sight of the fact that the man was an abuser. I lost the case and asked for my retainer back minus the funds due for the hearing. I had been quoted $500 for the hearing and was charged nearly $1500 for the heaing, plus other fees as well.. He absconded with my entire $2000 retainer and I have filed a fee arbitration against him. He has not responded to this, either. I may have to file in small claims court to get my money back. I am very dissatisfied with this man and his ethics. He took advantage of a woman in need.

    Mark S Guralnick’s response: “This comment was written by Debbie Beraducci, a New Jersey client who lost her challenge to my fee and now feels she can defame me in Avvo. Ms. Beraducci was NEVER quoted $500 for a full domestic violence trial. She imagines this point or is openly lying about it. No lawyer charges so little for a full domestic violence trial. She challenged my charges in the presence of a Fee Arbitration Committee run by the NJ Supreme Court. The Committee, made up of members of the public and lawyers who do not know me, listened to Ms. Beraducci's testimony, and THEY DID NOT BELIEVE HER. They approved of my fee, but the client obviously will not back down, now seeking to mislead the public as to my charges. In her domestic violence trial, the judge did not believe her either. I am deeply concerned about protecting real victims of domestic violence, but I do not support clients who try to play the system and who refuse to pay their bills, only to accuse everybody else of doing them wrong.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Death client

    lawyer referral

    I was referred to Mark Guralnick through a coworker who knew of him and his work. He represented our family during a six year long case in which he worked swifly,tirelessly and brilliantly. He later handled other legal matters for our family with equal results. He is knowledgable and well versed to handle an array of legal matters. Our family can highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shaun

    Great PI Attorney

    I hired Mr. Guralnick to represent me in a personal injury case involving a slip and fall on a cruise ship in Florida (I live in New Jersey). He has been extremely professional in handling my case, keeping me up to date on exactly what is going on and giving me a great sense of reassurance that everything will work out well in the end. He is also very knowledgeable about the special issues in my case, given that I don't live in the state where my accident occurred. Mr. Guralnick has been phenomenal at explaining the special issues this creates in a way that I can understand very clearly. Moreover, he has worked with my doctors to make sure that all of my medical records are being provided in a timely fashion and to be sure that any billing issues are taken care of. Over all, I have had an amazing exprience thus far working with Mr. Guralnick and I would recommend him to anyone who may need legal services.