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Jason Kristian Scott Porter

Jason Porter’s Legal Guides

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  • Refusing a Breathalyzer Test

    Breathalyzers capture a persons breath, measure the breath alcohol content and convert to BAC. According to recent news reports, Four out of 10 drivers stopped for DUI in Florida refuse breathalyzers. This statistic is surprising considering that the following statement is printe...

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  • Vehicular Homicide

    Vehicular homicide might be more common than you think- especially when drunk driving is involved. Across the United States, more than thirty people die and many others are injured due to alcohol related accidents. On average, in the United States, someone is killed by a drunk dr...

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  • DUI Enhancements

    After California and Texas, Florida ranks the third highest state in DUI arrests. Recently, one woman made headlines after being pulled over with a blood alcohol content of .166 and with eight children in her van with her. She now faces eight counts of child neglect, property dam...

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  • Understanding Vehicular Homicide Charges

    When a drivers negligent or reckless actions result in the death of another person they can be charged with vehicular homicide. This is an extremely serious charge that can result in up to 15 years imprisonment even if they never meant to hurt anyone. In the state of Florida, veh...

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  • Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

    Grandparents can play a very important role in their grandchilds life. There are times when a grandparent might be denied visitation with their grandchildren by one or both parents, when this happens they can petition the courts for visitation rights. In the past American famili...

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