Written by attorney Jason Kristian Scott Porter

Understanding Vehicular Homicide Charges

When a driver’s negligent or reckless actions result in the death of another person they can be charged with vehicular homicide. This is an extremely serious charge that can result in up to 15 years imprisonment even if they never meant to hurt anyone.

In the state of Florida, vehicular homicide is one of the most serious traffic-related offenses anyone can be charged with because it involves the death of another human being. If you have been charged with vehicular homicide, you are going to need help from an experienced attorney.

Vehicular homicide is the killing of another human being by the operation of a motor vehicle in a reckless manner likely to cause great bodily injury or death to another person. In order to convict someone of vehicular homicide it has to be proven that they were driving in a reckless manner.

Just because you were involved in a serious traffic accident does not mean that you were driving in a reckless manner that would endanger the lives of other people on the road. If that were the case, more fatal traffic accidents would result in criminal convictions. Before a person is convicted of vehicular homicide the prosecution will need to prove that the driver is guilty of negligence.

Accident reconstruction can be extremely crucial in vehicular homicide cases. Although it is tragic when anyone loses their life in a traffic accident, a life lost and witness accounts are not necessarily enough to prove that driver negligence was to blame. A vehicle homicide conviction in Florida is a second degree felony offense, punishable by up to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. The more serious charge of vehicular homicide/leaving the scene is punishable by a maximum $10,000 fine and/or 30 years in state prison.

As you can see, these are very serious charges with serious penalties attached. If law enforcement has already made up their mind about what happened you are in trouble. You could be facing years behind bars if you are ultimately convicted; however, you do not need to give up all hope. An experienced DUI attorney can help you fight these charges. They can hire their own accident reconstruction experts and they can cross-examine witness testimony.

They can challenge any and all evidence against you and look for mistakes made by law enforcement, especially during the collection of evidence. The sooner you get a qualified attorney on your case, the better your chances of beating the charges against you. You cannot afford to take a passive approach, especially when your future is gravely at stake. Do yourself a favor and contact a DUI lawyer right away!

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