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  • What legal options do I have in this situation? And what is the landlord/property manager obligated to cover?

    So last week, a news crew came by and told us that our house had broken nearly 30 violations and the city inspectors deemed it no longer inhabitable until repairs were made. Our property manager never notified us of anything so now I'm forced to ...

    Edward’s Answer

    It certainly sounds like your landlord broke multiple rules and you might be able to recover money for your damages related to all of this. Sorry to be vague but you should have a lawyer look at all the paper work from your landlord and the inspector and after reviewing the papers the lawyer should be able to give you a good sense at what your options are. Its hard to give good advice based on local news.

    If you haven't done so already report the theft of the laptop ect to the police.

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  • Hi, our landlord doesn't want to fix the heat in one bedroom and won't replace our failing stove. What are our options?

    He also never gave us a countersigned copy of our lease. Are we month to month tenants? The stove is 100 degrees off and makes our apt smell like gas all night. The back bedroom is unusable because it's so cold. He's also failed to contro...

    Edward’s Answer

    If you smell gas you should call the gas company right away. A gas leak can be very dangerous. This should be done immediately.

    You need to make sure you have given notice of the problems to your landlord, in writing - and keeping a copy so that you have proof.

    If the landlord doesn't fix the issues then you can call the City Inspector 617-635-5300 to get the heat issue checked and documented. If the heat is not working they will ask the landlord to fix it.

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    Edward’s Answer

    If you have moved out of the old apartment but have not found a new place to live yet, you can put a hold on your mail at the local post office and pick it up in person instead of having the postal carrier delivering it to your old address. When you find a new place to live you can then forward your mail to that new address.

    Both of these services are free at the post office.

    The other lawyers were correct in that your landlord needs to follow the court process to legally evict you. If your landlord didn't go to court to evict you then you should check with a lawyer to see if the landlord might have done something incorrectly.

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  • Do I have to move?

    I'm a tenant in a third party subsidiary with a yearly lease stating I pay 30% of my earnings. I'm earning zero, they ate making me move with little notice with $$ as their reasoning, and they are a non-profit? I haven't broken rules of the unit, ...

    Edward’s Answer

    It is not exactly clear from your question but it sounds like you may have a government subsidy helping pay your rent. If so the government subsidy programs has rules that must be followed by both the tenant and the landlord. You are entitled to the protections those rules give you in an eviction situation. You should get together the paperwork you have on your subsidy- lease, applications, notices ect. and call the legal services office for Plymouth. If it is a private subsidy they might have their own rules too and you should check on that as well.

    The legal services office that covers your area is the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts. The phone number is (800) 244-8393

    If the landlord does give you papers to go to court it is very important that you read them carefully and do not miss the deadlines to file your response, which is called an "Answer" - this gives you a chance to tell the court your side of the story.

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  • My landlord is missing

    My city boarded up the rental property I lived in without notice and everything I own is still in it

    Edward’s Answer

    I know how devastating it can be to be in this situation. I have a great deal of experience on several similar cases for tenants. Please feel free to call me and I'd be happy to answer your questions at no charge.


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  • On section 8 living in the same place for 6yrs never got rent receipts landlords evicting me for non payment how to prove I paid

    Landlord was a family friend we recently got into a big arguement over repairs I told him I was calling the health dept to get him to fix repairs I never called an now he told section 8 I haven't paid rent an I am being evicted for nonpayment I al...

    Edward’s Answer

    You likely have a good defense to this case and you need to make sure you file your Answer and Discovery on time.

    You should call the Legal Services provider that covers your area for free legal assistance.
    New Bedford is covered by:

    Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts LLC
    231 Main St.
    Suite 201
    Brockton, MA 02301
    (508) 586-2110

    you can also check for some basic info and a link to the Answer form

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  • I went to the police after my landlord gave my two boys showers and remained despite their request for privacy.

    After going to the right authorities and the children were interviewed the police and DA decided to investigate. The landlord told the police he was leaving on vacation, but would leave the door open. When I went there it was locked. We live in...

    Edward’s Answer

    Please contact an attorney, the issues you have described are very serious. Based on the facts here and in your prior question there are plenty of lawyers who would likely be able to help with no upfront cost to you.

    It is possible that you can change the locks if you have been locked out but you need to have a lawyer review the specific facts of your situation and you should probably also have the police accompany you to the home when you collect your belongings.

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  • Landlord sexually assaulted my children and I want out of lease

    gave children showers without permission and stayed in bathroom watching them undress and go to the bathroom, even though the children requested he leave the room

    Edward’s Answer

    Like. Attorney Bull said. Call the police and a lawyer asap. Even on a Sunday.

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  • I signed a Tenant At Will Lease for a room in my apt to a woman on SSI for a mental problem. She has never paid rent. How do I

    evict her- I am a 62 year old male quadraplegic. Live in my own apt and have 24/7 attendant care. She was referred by our common church leader. I only invited her because she hated where she was living. I think she tricked me into signing that doc...

    Edward’s Answer

    Based on what you said in your posting I would recommend calling elder protective services in Hull. You can contact them at 197 Samoset Ave # A Hull, MA 02045 and by phone (781) 925-0012.

    If your roomate pulls a knife again call the police at 911.

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  • My landlord is refusing to delead, and has declined to renew our lease because of it.

    We moved into our apartment in August '11. Upon moving in, our landlord was aware that we were expecting a child in November. Last week I asked the landlord to provide a copy of the lead certificate for the home. She replied yesterday saying th...

    Edward’s Answer

    In short you are likely to have several good claims against your landlord you should talk to an attorney for more detail. I'd be happy to talk to you or look for a lawyer who lives in your town that you trust.

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