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Clark AD Wilson

Clark Wilson’s Legal Guides

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  • Before you visit your Trademark Attorney

    Is your mark a TRADEmark or a SERVICEmark? A trademark includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination, used, or intended to be used, in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods

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  • Is your trademark being infringed?

    Is your trademark currently in use? To have ownership rights in a trademark, an entity does not necessarily have to be registered with the US Trademark Office or a State Trademark Agency. If the ent

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  • Is your patent being infringed?

    Is your patent issued and maintained? To allege infringement of a patent the patent must be: (1) issued by the PTO; and (2) be up to date on payment of maintenance fees. What is the coverage of your

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  • Top Things to Know Before You Start a Manufacturing, Importing or Selling Business

    Got an idea for a business? Brainstorm how to make some money through manufacturing/importing/selling. Figure out the specifics of the product you will sell. Internet Search Using the specifics of t

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  • How to Choose a Trademark

    What are you selling? Really sit down and hash out what goods or services you are selling or providing. Think about what adjectives could readily describe the good/service. Think about what aspects

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  • How to Determine Whether Your Invention May Be Patentable

    Determining Invention Aspects Contemplate the basic and optional aspects of an invention. Web Search Engine Utilizing Google or other search engines, enter search terms related to your invention. De

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