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  • I am on social security so is my wife, tried to work with creditors, I was told I am Judgement Free

    Should I file for bankruptcy chapter 7, creditors did not want to work with me

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  • My mom had $5000 debt when she passed away. An estate collection agency is sending letters. Should I respond?

    My mom was on medicare and medicaid and in a nursing home. They kept her SS and allowed her only $50/month to use for things they didn't provide. She had no estate and now I am getting letters asking me to pay her credit card bills. She didn't ...

    Robert’s Answer

    If your mother had no assets, which it sounds like is the case. I would send the collection agency a copy of your mother's death certificate and tell them in writing to not contact you again and if they do you will consider it a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    That should take care of it. If not, contact a local attorney who understands the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

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  • How to Help Family Member in Bankruptcy

    We have a family member in Florida who recently filed for bankruptcy. It's probably a Chapter 7, but we're not sure. They want to keep a newer Honda car that is still financed, but they have to turn it over and keep an older Nissan with many mor...

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    It is ok to help them finanicially, you can help them with the payments. To keep the car like likely would have to reaffirm the debt which would legally rebind them to the original debt. So, if they can't afford it down the road it could be repossessed and damage their credit. It is not something they want to do unless you and they are sure you can afford it. Sometimes, driving a cheaper car is ok for a while as long as it gets you by until you can upgrade. Make sure if they keep the car, the car is worth the remaining loan amount on the car. If they are upside down, they might be better letting it go. Justs some thoughts for you.

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  • Collecting debt agency asks to make a payment already done (violation 807 para 2?)

    I went to an Hospital ,paid a first amount with cash, and paid a second amount with debit card for medical cares.I got respective receipts , also I got another document where the outstanding balance was zero.A month later Hospital asked me to pay ...

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    Please repost your question. You have laid out the facts, but not asked a question. To trigger the remedies in the Fair debt collection practices act, you want the bill to go to the collection agency, which it sounds like it has. Familiarize yourself with the act by looking up FDCPA on the internet, then find a local attorney who practices in this specific area to help you.

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  • What happens to a person who is proven to a bankruptcy trustee that he didnt not reveal all his assets and is falsying a debt?

    I attended a creditors meeting yesterday. In the course of my questioning of the debtor it was revealed to the trustee and his lawyer that he didnt list all his assets and tried to lie about them at the meeting.He had to finally admit after me gue...

    Robert’s Answer

    Your best bet as a creditor is to hire a experienced bankruptcy lawyer to explain your options and possible represent you in seeking denial of discharge. It would only be worth it if he owed you considerable funds and you could recover them from him without the protection of a BK.

    If you do nothing more, at the minimum you should contact the trustee and see if he is going to pursue the assets which were not disclosed in the schedule. If the trustee is agressive and believes the debtor tried to conceal assets, he may go after the assets and open a bankruptcy estate.

    The credit card issue is not as big of an issue, because if he thought he may be liable on the debt it would not be improper to list it as a creditor.

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