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Thomas Paul Keehan

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  • Juvenile Criminal Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    We feel exceedingly blessed and forever grateful to have had Mr. Keehan represent and stand by our son’s side through his legal process. We are the parents of a young son charged with one of the most serious crimes a person can face. Through the most difficult time in our lives, Mr. Keehan was a source of strength, comfort, and compassion.

    The first time we entered Mr. Keehan’s office we were in shock, terrified, and our world was completely upside-down. While never giving us false hope or underestimating the seriousness of the charges against our son, we came away with peace of mind and confidence that he and our family were going to be ok. Throughout the process it was apparent that our child was not just another number on someone’s busy caseload. Mr. Keehan’s care for him was evident in the time he took in getting to know him, in the conversations they had, and in the genuine concern Mr. Keehan expressed for our son as a person as well as his future. He was able to talk to our son about things that in our state of mind at the time would not have occurred to us. No detail was too small or insignificant and he took the time explaining everything until each of us had a clear understanding. When many people would have become impatient, Mr. Keehan was thoughtful, good-natured, and understanding and while the people closest to us looked down on our child with contempt, Mr. Keehan treated him with respect and was truly a person our son felt comfortable confiding in and reaching out to.

    We cannot say enough about Tom Keehan’s character and we believe this is the aspect that sets him far above the rest. He honored our wishes about going forward with our case with honesty and transparency. Mr. Keehan has a strong and respectable sense of morality, integrity, and ethics. We never felt pressured to deviate from our wishes for the future of our son and our desire to hold him accountable for his actions. With these hopes at the forefront of the case Mr. Keehan succeeded in giving our son the best opportunity possible for a positive future. We could not have hoped for a better outcome and we would not have trusted the future of our child in any other hands.

  • Thomas Keehan is wonderful! He is very informative and calming. And i needed calming all the time. Let me explain.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I am the mother of a 16 year old and just completed the stressful and emotionally challenging experience of having my son charged with a serious offense such as Assault 2 –DV and then threatened with adult prosecution if he didn’t plead to Assault 4 DV. We felt we needed a lawyer and by the grace of God we were led to Thomas Keehan. He really did his homework and put his time and effort into the investigation finding very useful information we needed, going out to the scene, interviewing others and urging us to be patience while he fought for a much better offer through negotiations with the prosecutor. I have already mentioned his ability to calm this nervous mother in multiply ways. If i needed any question answered I just called him and he responded very quickly and had answers to my many questions and was very reassuring and never made me feel stupid or that the charges against my son may be true. He always questioned what was said and actually found it to be untrue. He was a blessing to my sleepless nights. Another blessing was his availability to come to court with us that was very comforting. I could go on and on but will end with saying we were able to plead all the way down to disturbing the peace. no DV. I hope I never need him again but will keep his card just the same. God Bless you Thomas! a million Thank Yous!

  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Keehan is a great attorney. I would recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney. Him and his staff kept me well informed of what was going on with my case. He is very kind, knowledgable and understanding. He was able to work "magic" for me and the case I was involved in was never filed. I am highly grateful to Mr. Keehan and his staff. Thank you!

  • After 6 months, I'm still grateful to Mr. Keehan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RonaldWright

    Thank you so much Mr. Keehan! I had been found guilty DUI charges about 5 years ago so I was facing a second charge of a DUI. I was so nervous and scared. As you might know, a second conviction has a mandatory sentence. 30 days in jail, lose licence for a year, and $5,000 to $6,000 fine. Mr Keehan saved me from all that. I have very bad anxiety and depression. I've been on all kinds of prescrptions bot the only thing that has ever helped is oxycontin. I had taken 1 pill the day of my arrest. I failed my sobriety test due to mental and physical limitations. Mr. Keehan had done his homework for our day in court. I was very impressed! I'm not going to lie, I wept when I heard the "not guilty" verdict read. I have not had a lot of experience with attorneys but Mr. Keehan set very high expectations for me. I will not hesitate in the future to call Mr. Keehan with any legal issues I might have. He was perfect!

  • Tom is the Man you wont regret hiring him

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Okay it is a little disconcerting when you meet tom and it looks like he just started to shave and is wearing birkenstocks or crocks. But hey its olympia and he has been practicing a long time. And he devotes himself to your case. He visited me in custody the day after I was taken in and was very good about keeping me updated and was very diligent about getting things lined up for trial. I was facing at least two felony charges with the chance for some more charges getting tacked on. In the end he got all charges dropped with prejudice. Which is the best possible outcome that can happen. With prejudice means they can't bring back or add any charges at a later date. My case was very unique and tom did all the research to stay up to date on the laws. Not only that but he did it at a fraction of the cost other lawyers quoted me. You cannot go wrong with Tom Keehan!

  • Successful Unemployment claim appeal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edward

    Tom was very knowledgable and efficient in handling my appeal after unemployment benefits were denied because the employer claimed I did not have good cause for leaving my job. Tom made my wife and I feel comfortable with the whole process and helped us understand the legal complications. I'm certain that I would not have won the case if I had represented myself. I will not hesitate to call him if I should need legal counsel on any matter in the future.

  • Great outcome for possession charge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brooke

    I hired Mr. Keehan in September 2011 when I was pulled over for speeding and received a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge. This was my first offense and I was very worried about this going on my record and losing my job. Thomas reassured me that together we could prevent that from happening. He explained to me his plan A, B, and C and kept me informed as to any new developments. In the end I paid a fine, was ordered to drug information school and was asked to be on my best behavior under a stipulated order of continuance for 6 months (meaning if I managed to stay out of trouble for 6 months the charges would be dropped.)

  • Great firm!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean

    Prompt, thorough, Thomas Keehan did a fantastic job representing my case for speeding in Grays Harbor county. I would not hesitate to use his firm in the future. He was extremely knowledgeable on the laws and regulations and was successful at overturning my case.

  • Highest recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Thomas Keehan. Mr. Keehan represented me in a speeding ticket case vigorously and with the utmost of courtesy and thoroughness. In fact, after seeing how much time and effort he put into defending me, I’m almost embarrassed to state that I re-read my flat-fee contract with his office out of the fear that I might be charged substantially more than I had intended. My worries were unfounded—there were no hidden charges. He represented me with the drive I would have expected only for a far greater fee. I also had the luxury of not having to drive back to the area to appear in court. He did considerable leg-work that included:

    • speaking with others having some experience with obscure precedents and tracking down previous decisions,
    • poring through state and local law,
    • researching the credibility of the documentation (uncovering inconsistencies, inaccuracies, misstatements, and legally significant omissions) accompanying the ticket,
    • investigating the physics behind speed determination (with my help--I'm a scientist), and
    • appearing in court on three separated instances.

    A little about the circumstances: I am a careful driver with no infractions to my name who made the “mistake” of passing by a small town where I had never been on my way to a weekend destination. It was a dry overcast day. I was on open highway headed away from town (never having entered it) after exiting the off-ramp from another highway. Upon seeing the flashing lights in my rear-view mirror, I immediately pulled over, thinking the police must be in pursuit of someone else. Instead, I was cited for going 35 mph ironically, directly beneath a 40 mph speed limit sign. Apparently, for about ¼ mi, the speed limit had been 25 mph. The officer said the citation was for “safety,” and noted numerous repeat offenders (which I could not have been). As one originally from a small town, I knew this was either about revenue or quotas and that one from out of town was viewed as an easy mark. I chose to contest the infraction out of principle. A warning or admonition would have been more than sufficient.

    The end result was that the infraction was dismissed with prejudice (meaning that it is gone and can never be re-filed). Given the amazing effort, time, and professionalism exhibited by Mr. Keehan, I would still not hesitate to recommend him--even if the outcome had not been favorable to me. He more than earned the fee, my trust, and my respect.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn

    Thomas Keehan was court appointed to my case from Pacific County Superior Court on an Appeal I had filed from the South District Court of Pacific County. On April 15, 09, Jude Goelz(SDC) imposed 652 days for a probation violation for two DUI's, a year per DUI. Thomas Keehan filed my appeal on the basis that:
    1. My due process rights were violated when the court conducted a probation revocation hearing w/out complying with CrRLJ 7.6.
    2. The court imposed an unlawful sentence contrary to 3.66.069 when it imposed a sentence greater than the original sentence by ordering sentences to be served consecutively when the sentences were previously ordered run concurrently.
    On August 7, 09, Judge Sullivan reversed Judge Goelz's decision therefore releasing me from custody. Mr. Keehan WON my appeal. A week later, the State filed a Motion for Reconsideration based on that my Judgement and Sentence contained a "Scriveners error" and by law, Judge Goelz(SDC) had the right to correct it based on CrR 7.8 . (Potentially leading to more jail time.) Thomas Keehan proved that no such thing had occured and thanks to Mr. Keehan, Judge Sullivan denied the State's Motion Oct 09.
    Quiet honestly, there was a travesty of Justice regarding my case since my '06 Judgement and Sentence. There were no checks and balances. There was only Thomas Keehan. Mr. Keehan is sharp, clever, professional, prompt, passionate, and truly an exceptional Lawyer. He is also, very aware of the Law, is very thorough/informative in explaining it to you, and is very impressive in court. I can't say enough good things about this man and his office staff.
    So as I sit here on Thanksgiving surrounded by family, watching the Dallas game, I realize exactly how thankful I am for Thomas Keehan. Without him, I would not be where I am today ...
    I am no longer on probation with South District Court and my case has been closed. I would definitely recommend Thomas Keehan, he will give you peace of mind.

    JAIL: 117 days / Imposed 652 days
    TAXPAYERS: $60 day
    COMMISSARY: $500
    PHONE CARDS: $300
    The Daily News: $30 mth
    BOOKS: $350

    Dawn Brown