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Stacey Danielle Swenhaugen

Stacey Swenhaugen’s client reviews

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  • Great attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mae

    Hired Attorney

    Stacey was amazing during a time that was extremely difficult for me. I was dealing with an estranged husband who was absolutely unwilling to negotiate and consider the impact of our divorce on our young daughter. Stacey was always empathetic, articulate, and able to put things in perspective at a point when nothing seemed to make sense. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality legal representation.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Stacey and I worked together for roughly 18 months on my petition for custody of my two children in Snohomish County. From the time we met until my case ended, I always felt that Stacey was fighting for me. Even when the results were not what I wanted she always had an alternative plan or her next move already lined up and ready to go. She has always been attentive to my battery of emails, phone calls and questions. She also always made me feel validated in each of my concerns. Stacey is the kind of no-nonsense represenation that any parent would want standing beside them. Her knowledge of the family-law system, preparation, organization and phenomenal arguing skills in the courtroom are just a few of her many assets.

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Residential Real Estate client

    Great job so far with my situation. Straight forward and to the point. Agreesive and handled my situation wonderful. I am very pleased with Stacey.

  • Civil DV Restraining Order

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    After I told my neice to make arrangements to move out, she filed a DV Restraining order on me and accused me of molestation, and said she was scared for her and her daughter's life, etc, and Stacey told me... "no big deal" just ask for a continuance on the restraining order because their might be criminal charges pressed... I wanted her to join me at the hearing and she said it was not a big deal... I asked for a continuance and the Judge ordered a DV Restraining Order for 1 year. She has not returned 2 phone calls and 2 times of going to her office leaving a message to call me. I am very dissapointed and am trying to find another attorney.

    Stacey Danielle Swenhaugen’s response: “I strive to give all of my clients a positive experience in the most difficult of times; however, this reviewer was never my client. He never hired me, and never paid a retainer fee. I cannot take precious time away from my actual clients with urgent court deadlines and highly emotional stakes to assist non-clients. It is unfortunate that this reviewer had a bad outcome in court without an attorney there to assist him, and I certainly wish him the best.”
  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    For the men out there looking for very good legal representation to protect your peace of mind as well as your assets.., I highly recommend Stacey Swenhaugen at the Engel Law Group. In my situation, Stacey filed a civil restraining order within 24 hours to stop some very negative interaction with a highly confrontational spouse. She then defended me against a very determined and very wealthy partner who was dead set on ruining my career and extracting every gain financially she could from the divorce.

    Stacey and her paralegal were very aggressive on my behalf in her research and litigation and was able to force a settlement despite the intentions of the other side to go to court.

    I appreciated the personal interaction with Stacey as well. She is a great listener and asks a lot of questions and always explains in detail the options and the best path forward. I got a very good result thanks to Stacey and avoided going to court thanks to her aggressiveness with the other side. I maintained the majority of my assets with no future monthly payments (a big thank you here)

    In addition, Stacey Swenhaugen was also very thorough and fair with explaining and managing charges. We developed a payment plan that fit within my budget and she did a great job managing the cost.

    For men needing legal representation in a divorce, I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey Swenhaugen at the Engel Law firm. She will listen to your situation, thoroughly prepare, aggressively protect you and your assets and always be fair.

  • Outstanding!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gloria

    Not only would I recommend Stacey Swenhaugen but, I plan to use her in the future. During the hardest time of my life Stacey was amazing. She was professional and friendly during the entire process and I really felt like she cared about me as a person and was doing what was best for me.

  • Stacey helped save my family

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kai

    If it were not for Stacey Swenhaugen and Eric Engel and all of their colleagues at Engel Law Group, my daughter's and my life would have been destroyed. Stacey was amazing in the courtroom. Her confidence and knowledge was a great comfort during the most stressful and insane period of my life. The fact that she didn't just pretend to care, as many attorneys do these days, made the whole experience with her that much better. These great attributes are not just her's, but they apply to all of her colleagues also. The whole firm was involved and very supporting to both her and me and my family. If not for Stacey's involvement, there would have undoubtedly been permanent psychological and emotional damage on my daughter -- almost entirely imposed by the court itself in ignorance. In my opinion, Stacey is one of the best attorneys I have ever met, and I'm sure ever will. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have met her.