Ceimo v. General American Life Ins. Co., Paul Revere Life Ins. Co. and Provident Life Ins. Co.

Richard Henry Friedman

Case Conclusion Date:June 29, 2005

Practice Area:Insurance

Outcome:$84 Million Jury Verdict

Description:Ceimo v. Paul Revere, Provident Accident and Life and General American Life, U.S. District Court, Phoenix, Arizona, 4/2/03. Jury found that disability insurer terminated benefits of cardiologist in bad faith. Jury awards $5.4 million for emotional distress and $79 million punitive damages. The jury's original verdict of $84.4 million was the 7th largest jury verdict in the United States that year and largest ever verdict faced by Paul Revere or its parent UnumProvident. The verdict was reduced post-trial by the trial court to $14.3 million with the court adding over $600k in attorney fees and costs.