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John William Murphy

John Murphy’s client reviews

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  • Integrity Personified

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thom LaChine

    Brevity is something you find out early with John goes a long way, however maybe he will not mind if I expand some here.

    Having him take my case changed my life.

    John took my case in February 2010. We did not know it at the time our journey to prevail in my case would take almost 5 years.

    John is a " Man of His Word".

    The thousand of hours of labor from his entire staff, attorneys and expert professionals who made my FREEDOM possible is beyond comprehension.

    To try to pay for that type of devotions is beyond possibility and scope of what drives John to be the Best of what he does.

    He held my life in his hands for almost 5 years and kept me safe. What more can I offer as a testimony of John's abilities.

    If you get the opportunity and privilege to have John Murphy represent you and your case, there is not a better choice you could of made.

    John is someone who you will remember your entire lifetime. His impact on your life is equal as well. He does not allow himself to get close to his clients however his compassion and empathy is none less apparent. His office staff buffers that so nicely and as in all offices runs the operations from the ground up. The interns that studied and supported John on my case is also so commendable.

    John Murphy is truly 1 of a Kind.

  • Owens Review for John Murphy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miriam

    John Murphy was retained by my husband, now deceased, to represent him in a malpractice suit about five years ago. He and John Murphy had both practiced law in Skagit County for many years. During that time my husband always spoke of John with the highest respect, and often said to me that John was the best attorney in Skagit County. Thus when my husband was sued for malpractice, he stated that since he wanted to retain the best possible legal representation , he would hire John Murphy. Throughout this extremely convoluted, sensitive, and difficult lawsuit, John always acted with high intelligence, ingenuity, knowledge of the law, and thorough attention to detail. The suit was dismissed in April, 2014, We felt we had received excellent service from John Murphy, and I would highly recommend him as an attorney.

  • My personal experience with John Murphy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    I am a PhD level counselor who worked with violent offenders and those with chemical dependency issues. I have worked in this field 22 years in Skagit County. During my 5th year I met John Murphy after he had written a start up grant for Skagit County Drug Court in 1996. He was always pleasant, professional and serious about the legal issues surrounding drug and alcohol offenders facing felony charges and/or prison.

    I interfaced with John during the 6 years while I served in drug court. John has maintained interest in people in which he witnessed a positive potential that many would overlook due their history of chemical dependency or of violence. John has always been consistent in creating a positive narrative to help a person see their potential. This so they can succeed in recovery and develop a drug free lifestyle and get out of the legal system and experience freedom.

    I personally experienced John's compassion and professionalism when I lost employment and again had to deal with PTSD which resulted from 2 tours in Viet Nam in the 1960's. He stated clearly to me no less than 4 times: "You stay home and forget about this issue. I'll take care of it." His primary concern was for me, which was of great comfort at that time due my tendency to spiral downward and return to the war. He kept up with me, was responsive when I called him or had questions regarding my legal situation.

    John Murphy was my go to person when I had legal issues which I felt unfair, and the corresponding guilt, shame and questions regarding my future employment. I can wholeheartedly state, John Murphy can be trusted no matter what the legal issue. He will follow through and his legal outcomes regarding the people he represents are testimony to the man for whom I am writing this personal testimony and recommendation. His compassion for people and those he feels have been treated unfairly is vast. But even if someone is guilty, John will make sure the person gets the best representation possible as noted in his drug court participation and start up grant writing. I would recommend John to anyone who asks, no matter what the situation.

  • Gunner for justice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jack and Kim

    We were referred by a friend and ended up becoming very close friends with John. Stuck in a hopeless situation John's firm was reluctant to take the case, but John believed in the underdog and fought with both gloves on for over 2 years. We ended up getting more than expected! John kept in constant communication with us the whole time and was always honest and straightforward, but more than that, he really cared about our situation and us personally. Rarely do you meet a man with so much heart. We really can't say enough about John' s character. Such a kind man, yet had both guns loaded and ready to fire. We love you John Murphy and would reccomend you to anyone. Bless you Jack and Kim

  • Outstanding lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    Because of the industry in which I work, I deal with dozens of attorneys, for both our clients and for ourselves in a very broad spectrum of practice areas including personal injury, employment issues and business litigation. I consider myself somewhat of an expert in judging lawyers.

    Of course, a good lawyer knows the law in the area in which he practices. But equally important, he must understand people's needs - not just that of his clients, but of the opposing parties and their attorneys. Lastly, he needs to have the experience to know the most efficient and effective approach.

    We have historically used various attorneys for various practice areas, but over time John has become our one-stop person for virtually all of our legal needs. He has an uncanny ability to assess a situation, know what needs to be done and get it done efficiently. He is truly amazing.

  • Former Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    I have had the need to use John's services on several occasions over the past 10 years. His professional demeanor and expert knowledge of each situation has always been reassuring to me. He uses our time well. Gets to the point of each appointment and is always prepared. It was important to me that my lawyer be patient with me and willing to answer my questions until I am satisfied and understand the legal terms and ramifications. He worked with me until I was comfortable with the process. He returned my calls in a timely manner. I always knew that he had a firm grasp of my particular circumstances and was always honest with me. He is a man of strong integrity and compassion. I would never hesitate to seek his counsel in the future.

  • John Murphy Is A Great Man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Discrimination client

    John Murphy was recommended to me by another lawyer (elder) when I found myself accused of harassment of a staff member after I gave an unfavorable employee review. My employer did not allow me to adequately defend myself and called in an independent lawyer from their risk pool to review the situation, which escalated with other opinions/interviews. Not ever having hired a lawyer before I was relieved that he could understand and "connect the dots of the situation" right away. Most of our first conversations took place over the phone. He always addressed my concerns enough that I came away a little more confident. When we did finally meet for an interview with this independent lawyer he gave me very good words of wisdom that carried me through the "inquisition" as I now call it. Since the interview he has continued to give me advice and guide me in making choices about next steps. He has also asked very good questions/made some suggestions about how someone in my situation might begin to heal from the fear and trauma that I have felt. I would recommend him absolutely.

  • Personal Injury, property, business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    John Murphy has represented me in a personal injury case, which resulted in a very favorable outcome for a soft tissue injury. A property line dispute that concluded with summary judgement in our favor. John was very detail oriented, attentive, and knowledgeable in all areas of these cases, which definitely had alot to do with how successful he was. This had much to do with why we chose John for our professional matter. This matter was highly emotional and consisted of dealing with State Licensing issues with our place of business, which has been in my family for many years. Being on the verge of license revocation, and possible criminal charge against myself, it was a very delicate matter which needed to be handled immediately and without delay. John was above and beyond on top of things before we even knew what we were dealing with. He was communicating with Departments of State attempting to resolve the matter through informal dispute relolution versus an expensive and lengthy administrative hearing process. He was successful and in a timely matter due to his attentiveness and professionalism he showed the State Licensing Dept. as our representative. I can comfortably say we would not have our business today if not for John Murphy. John also, as my friend, helped immensely with calming my emotional state throughout this time. I was dealing with alot of anxiety and panic attacks which seemed overwhelming at times. John and Linda were always available to me for reassurance, during business hours and weekends, too! John always said that the most important thing was my health, and helped me to get in touch with therapists for my needs. The storm has passed for now, but John and Linda still check in to see how I am doing. I am truly blessed and eternally grateful for John Murphy, as my attorney and my friend. He is, by far, the most competent, knowledgeable, and thorough attorney there is, in my opinion. I would not hesitate to recommend him in any matter whatsoever.

  • residential care facility license revocation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Mr. Murphy was hired to represent my wife and I in a case where the State of Washington alleged neglect towards a resident in our care. The State placed a stop placement order on our facility and subsequently a "Revocation of License" on our facility. Mr. Murphy was hired within a week of the impositions and immediately started organizing all the facts and contacted State officials. His professionalism and clarity in a very circuitous case immediately added a level of respect and willingness by the State to work with us to preserve our license and our livelihood. Mr. Murphy's approach towards the State was cordial yet firm - an approach that we wouldn't have been able to utilize based on what we felt was a compromised position. Our case was mitigated with results beyond our expectations and finalized without going through an administrative hearing all within a period of time much shorter than we anticipated. Expensive hearing costs and additional lawyer preparation fees were omitted leaving us with our license in tact, our livelihood preserved and a legal fee less than we had anticipated. Thank you again Mr. Murphy!

  • Personal Injury

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sky

    I was in an auto accident in September of 2012 which rendered me unable to work or walk temporarily. After I was able to return from a hospital in Seattle John came to my home when I was seeking some guidance from legal representatives within the community. The driver that hit me had limited insurance, and was potentially being charged crminally. John was honest about the legal possibilities, I felt that he heard my concerns for that of my family and followed through with questions that I had. The final result was that John surpassed what my expectations were with regards to financially helping me compensate for the medical bills that were accrued during my hospitalization, as well as replacement automomobile. John made clear that although the case he represented me with may be completed if I have any future questions or concerns, he was available. I would recommend John Murphy for legal matters and feel confident in doing so.