Mr. Richard Platte is a great personal injury lawyer.
He not only went the extra mile for me, he greatly surpassed it. At ever point, I felt he gave my case his full attention. I was kept very much in the loop with every aspect of my case, which can help ease your mind, at a time when you need it most.
I found out that he is not only one of the best lawyers, he help write some of the laws to help protect people, like me, who find themselves needing a lawyer.
He has a passion for his job, that you just don't find these days.
I was also incouraged thru my case, by my doctors, that my lawyer was not only a good lawyer but a pit bull in a court room.
He will fight tooth and nail for you, as he did me..
One thing that impressed me a great deal, was that my lawyer, more than held his own against some very high priced fancy lawyers. Even though mine was a difficult case (due to previous circumstances), he never gave up on me or lost faith in my case.
Although he can at times, seem a bit rough, I found that that is what is needed if you want a very good lawyer.
I would also like to comment on his para-legal assistant. She is not only knowledgeable and helpfull, but always there to listen to the small things you might have on your mind, and with such a caring heart.
Both are very responsive to your questions and feeling.
They make a very great team.
I feel that in my personal case, Mr. Platte got me a very fair settlement and I am very happy I chose him as my lawyer.
I would highly recommend him as a lawyer to not only the general public, but if needed, to my family and friends.
There is not a whole lot more I can say, other than, you would not only be happy, but lucky to have Mr. Platte as your attorney.
I hope I never have the need for an attorney again, but if I did, I would certainly be making Mr. Platte my 1st choice.
I would be more than happy to answer any other question anyone might have regarding Mr. Platte and my dealings with him.
Thank you for a chance to voice my opinion about Mr. Platte and to thank him again for all he did for me.