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Michele Maureen O'Loane

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  • What are "two uninterrupted weeks" in the SUMMER SCHEDULE in a Parenting Plan?

    Our Parenting Plan says "Each parent shall be entitled to two uninterrupted weeks of residential time every summer." In the past two years, I've always taken this time with the kids as two consecutive weeks. This year, I would like to take one ...

    Michele’s Answer

    I concur with Mr. Tanner. In my opinion and experience, taking a step back to discuss the "shall be entitled to" language can take you a bit further. Although you may be tempted to hold the other parent accountable, my experience has been that once the other parent receives formal notice about the dispute resolution clause emotions escalate. The DRC clause is in the parenting plan for a very good reason. That being said, some of my clients have experienced success when formal institutions are not involved at the front end (including the DRC, mediators, lawyers and the court system) and the issue is addressed then. What I propose as a possible first step - although appearing unlikely right now - may be more effective and durable for your family.

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