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Liza E. Burke

Liza Burke’s Legal Guides

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  • Steps for Relief from Juvenile Sex Offender Registration

    Has Enough Time Passed? If a person was under the age of 15 when the sex offense occurred, the law allows for the person to petition the court two years following conviction if the person has been cr

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  • How to Seek a Restraining Order to Protect Your Child from an Adult

    Determine the difference in age between your child and the adult. Determine the difference in age, in months, between your child and the older individual or adult. If the contact is sexual and the a

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  • A Guide for Parents Concerned About a Juvenile Sex Offense Investigation in Washington State

    Understand what a sex offense is There are many different types of sex offenses that a juvenile can commit. Aside from nonconsensual sexual touchings and acts, two very common juvenile sex offense c

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  • Essentials For Those Who Have Been Arrested for Domestic Violence in Seattle, WA.

    Control your emotions An incident with a spouse or partner that lands one in jail with a criminal charge is a double whammy. The incident itself is usually upsetting and incarceration and criminal c

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